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June 8, 2010
By CamelKush BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
CamelKush BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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Ever realized how silly things can be? How some are like dough and others like string and some you can even wear on your wrists. Many of these silly things have been quite a trend through many generations. Sold in a can or even pack these silly things are what make us enjoy our childhood even as we get older now matter how harsh it may be.
Silly Bands:
Sealed in a pack, bright and in any shape; Silly Bandz has taken a hold on children, teens and adults everywhere. It is a wonder how something as simple as a cutely shaped rubber band can make millions of dollars in days or even weeks. According to James Howard it originated in china with shaped silicone office products. Howard suggested that on making them more appealable to youth. His choice resulted in 25 packs being sold a day, to 7000. They’re shapes include animals, religious figures, school- like features and even the alphabet. Many reasons why children adore them is because they’re comfortable, cute, collectable and tradable (The New York Times). Although Silly Bandz may go out of style in a years or maybe even months, it’s safe to say that these stretchy companions will always be on shelves
Silly String:
Also containing variety of colors and taking many forms, silly string is also something that has appealed to young generations in the past. But, the difference between silly strings and silly bandz is one comes in can. Shot at long distances, it can be the creator of a great mess or the start of a crazy party. Introduced to the market in 1969 it was quite the trend, recently with imitators such as streamer string, wacky string, and Spiderman web blaster. Today silly string is used for parties, weddings, and even war( Children’s Hospital of Michigan).
Silly Putty:
Silly putty has played an important role in American history and culture. A collection of silly putty products now lies in the Smithsonian Museum’s National Museum of American history because of it. Like play dough but able to hold its shape, this bouncy ball could make a rainy day, a trip to the beach. It is able to twist and you can stretch it the moon. You can even lift images, or quit smoking .It is a permanent resident of the national toy hall of fame in Salem, Oregon and many athletes use it to strengthen their grip, and It can be used as a art sculpy, a stress reliever and a cleaning tool. Each egg still sells for about 1.00 and is still considered as the toy with one moving part(Silly Putty University Campus).
Although all of these things may seem silly they have played an important role in our culture as Americans. These are toys that can be used for many different purposes, some not so appealing and others can help create products for the world.

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