Billy Elliot The Musical

May 25, 2010
By Anonymous

The musical Billy Elliot is a heartwarming and funny musical that is a great for all ages. The musical is about a twelve year old boy named Billy Elliot who loves dance even though his father wants him to be a boxer. There is also a mining strike going on in the town that causes problems in the Elliot’s lives. I really enjoyed the musical. There were scenes and lines where I literally laughed out loud, and times when I was somewhat saddened. Compared to other musicals that I have seen, including Wicked, The Pirate Queen, and Avenue Q, Billy Elliot was my favorite.
The musical was much more comedic than I had expected it to be. Along with witty lines, outfits, and such, there were hilarious characters. One character named Michael was particularly funny by dressing in skirts and randomly breaking out into song and dance. The part of Little Boy was also very humorous. It was nice that the comedy lightened the dramatic tension between the family, and the mining strike going on.
The songs in Billy Elliot were very catchy and memorable. A few of them stuck in my head and I was singing them all day. There are a few very talented singers and dancers on the cast. The boy playing Billy was Giuseppe Bausilio, originally from Switzerland, and an extremely talented dancer in ballet and tap. My favorite dances were by far the ‘angry’ dance, and the ‘dress dance’ both preformed by Giuseppe Buasilio.
Overall the musical was amazing, although a tad lengthy. I would recommend it to everyone. At the theater I saw elders, small children, and teenagers all coming to watch Billy Elliot. There are parts in the musical that mostly only adults would understand, but any children watching would still grasp the plot of the musical. Billy Elliot was an amazing musical.

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