Play Review: Studs Terkel’s Not Working

May 24, 2010
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What can I honestly say about Studs Terkel’s Not Working…? This “Second City” performance was my first, but definitely not my last. Granted, most of it was on-the-spot, improvised humor, these guys had, and have, a specialty in spontaneous humor. With all the political humor, from both the left and right mind you, you would expect a few things to completely blow over my head. However, granted I was the only visible 14-year old there, I actually did understand most of their comedy and laughed along. However, aside from their actual skit, it was their improvisional clowning that really got me going. From corrupt Chicago politicians, to an “interesting” mystery skit involving a necklace bearing likeness to an organ, “The Second City” troupe really brought the money on this one. Of course, being mostly spontaneous, there wasn’t a lot of organization in terms of the order of skits. On the other hand, these guys are professionals at spontaneity and the lack of any real organization was cleverly hidden from the audience. Now, of course, there were a few racy jokes and skits, to say the least, but nothing comedians and the like haven’t used before. In terms of my “favorite” actor, or at least what I’d consider the most versatile, I’d have to say it’s between Tom Flanigan or Tim Baltz. Both were equally funny in their own right, but their styles were clearly different. Whereas Tom was a bit more aggressive in his humor, Tim had a more of an awkward sort of style. Of course, the other actors did just as well as ol’ Tim and Tom, it was these two who stuck out to me with their unique manners. Wrapping up, if ever you get the chance to witness a show like this, or any “Second City” production for that matter, take it! Hesitation is not an option for such intense and fast-paced comedy, and neither should it be for your ticket holding.

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