May 10, 2010
By , Scottsdale, AZ
Malware is an abbreviated term for malicious or hurtful software. Malware is often confused or used as a general term that includes viruses Trojan’s worms or just unwanted software. It also includes dishonest adware. Malware is usually used for criminal activity. Like scams and hacking.

At first most malware was made as pranks or experiments to test how it travels over the web. “In some cases the perpetrator did not realize how much harm their creations could do. Young programmers learning about viruses and the techniques wrote them for the sole purpose that they could or to see how far it could spread.” But now it’s mostly used by people who are trying to steal or commit fraud.
More and more malware is being made each year. It ranges from viruses to spyware to Trojans. Also according to F-Secure, there was “as much malware [was] produced in 2007 as in the previous 20 years altogether.” This means that there is a lot of new and updated malware of all kinds. The new ones are probably able to get past older security and anti malware software.

The most conman malware protection is much like antivirus software. Because it scans thought incoming data or downloads for Trojans viruses or other forms of malware. Then when it detects malware of any kind it blocks it. The second kind is one that is a lot simpler than the first one. It just scans the computer for malware of any kind. Once it finds malware it deletes it. It’s simply just on a search and destroy mission.
The easiest way to protect your computer from malware is simply use caution. Don’t down load things from a web site you don’t trust. If something from seems odd or susbitos

So that is my report eon malware. The main points I have gone over are malware history. How it stared what it was used for. The best practices for you to use so as not to get malware on your computer. Why computers with old security are venerable to malware. What the new security dose differently. So those were the main points I’ve gone over.

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