Differences in the world.

May 4, 2010
By Anonymous

In our world everyone has made and still makes mistakes till this day, People put each other down and in some cases, they lift their self back up. In others they don’t. Knowing you were the cause of their put down is not a great feeling, yet some people do it and feel like they did a big favor to the world.

In every corner of this earth there’s always evil waiting to strike upon the first weak person they see. We’re judgmental; we care of our self image and reputation. This only blinds us from what we do wrong, and our selfish actions we take. But we’re only human and it takes a lot to know that we are not always right and that we will never know everything there is to know, so why do we judge without knowing? Why do we just say things and only know one little detail about the whole story? We were built this way; we have to have it our way, it’s just normal for us to be right, instead of wrong. We don’t realize the damage it causes in some people. We look at the outside of people and don’t realize that it doesn’t matter how they look like, it matters how they are and whether their heart is in the right place. We’re blinded by pride, appearances, and self image. We’re blinded by pride. If you don’t wake up from that fantasy world we created for our self, you will destroy yourself. Pride and reputation will control your life.

My point is I myself was one of those people who cared about the outside and judge as soon as I saw the appearance of the person. I realized that I was doing something wrong and worked really hard to quit doing what I was doing. I woke up from that fantasy world I was living in. In the way of all that, I pushed away people who actually were true to what they said and did. My mistake was letting them go; fortunately I can now start my new beginning and fixed what I did wrong. Don’t let something like that stop you from being yourself. Why try to fit in when some people are born to stand out.

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