P.F Changs

May 2, 2010
By Anonymous

The server handed my mother and I our food. Steamy hot Mongolian beef, dumplings and Lemon Pepper Shrimp sat right in front of me. The aroma of zesty spice gave my shivers and the hair behind my neck stood up; I was dying to get in and taste this colossal meal. My teeth sunk inside the moist dumpling, the savory taste reminded me of something that I once had before. The taste of the Lemon Pepper Shrimp surprised me when it struck me as a bland taste, which I was hoping for something a little more of a run-for-my-money type dish. The Mongolian beef was mouth-watering and very delicious. The food was great overall, but, I rather of wanted to spend ten dollars and get take-out than get something that I would have to wait an hour for while they called the Chinese restaurant down the street and charger me extra for it.

The service was just as disappointing as the food was. Most of the employees had no idea what they were doing and by that, I thought that most of them were just hired. My mother sat at the bar and ordered us drinks. I asked for a blended fruit drink and my mother asked for a Bud-light. The server blended up my drink just right and I went to taste the delighted looking drink when, I bit down on the ice, it almost felt like glass or better yet, plastic. When I asked the bartender to make me another, all she gave me was attitude. If it wasn’t for me being respectful, I would have given that women hell and she would have never seen me again.

The restaurant had a dim light to it, to add more depth dollar store antiques. The theme was to look like more of a Chinese temple, but yet again, they terribly failed. The volume of the people was deafening and the ring in my ears stayed with me long after. Babies screaming bloody murder, adults cackled, and the sound of crying injured dishes rang my ears. I couldn’t hear myself speak, but I had no problem hearing the person talk next to me.

At least the menu was easy to read, but slightly inaccurate about how good the food really was. P.F Changs has a lot main dishes, but not enough sweet things. I mean, there were only three desserts to choose from, which seemed like a turn off for me. The server offered me to choose from some tiny little cups filled with different types of creams mixed with gram crackers. It wasn’t as good as I thought it would be and after a read a review about P.F Changs giving people Salmonella, Gum in their food and other horrific things that shouldn’t be in a restaurant, it got my wondering; “what if that would of happened to me?”

After my trip from the dreadful P.F Changs, I would rate it (on a scale from one to ten) a three, because they definitely don’t know what they are doing, and by that I mean that if I can sum up the whole experience, I would say it sucked.

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