Rock Bottom

April 30, 2010
I had been to Rock Bottom before but, I never actually felt like taking in the surroundings. This time I decided to really look around and use my senses to see how much I really liked the restaurant. It has everything that people really look for when they go out to eat. It has a dining area, bar, pool tables, and special rooms for private parties. It also has televisions all around the bar. It’s a great experience to eat there.

My dad parked our gold Honda accord and we all reached for the door handle to get out of our transportation for the night. My contact covered eyes glanced over at the brown building covered with the words “Rock Bottom”. As I started walking toward the restaurant, I thought about what I should order that would relieve my taste buds from taking over my mouth. We walked up the cement ramp holding on to the turquoise painted hand rail towards the entrance of the restaurant. I entered through the glass covered door outlined with read metal. The hosts met us at the front door, “Good afternoon. How many people will be dining today?” My dad had called earlier on his blue cell phone for advanced seating when we got there. The host handed us a red colored timer that would vibrate in our hands when our dining table would be ready. As I stood waiting, I looked around at what was going on in this dimmed restaurant. It was a bit of an intense atmosphere. The waiters were scurrying around to make sure their customers were happy. Men, drinking there beer in the bar, were yelling at the televisions because their team was losing. And families were at their booths and tables eating their fresh food from the kitchen. Then our red timer vibrated in my white, bony hands and we were ready to be seated.

My family and I got shown to a brown seated booth with a little lamp hanging from the wall to light up our table. The server that waited on us that night was very kind and had a great sense of humor. I felt like all of the servers there are very nice because we have had different servers each time we had been there. Our server made sure that we were satisfied and that we had everything we needed. He wasn’t like the servers that come to your table maybe 4 or 5 times during your whole time there. He came by every few minutes to make sure we were fine. I felt like the hospitality there was great.

Rock Bottom was a very organized restaurant. Right at the front door they had their hosts waiting at their light brown podium and brown wood benches for customers to wait on. There is a dining room with tables and booths for families or couples to eat at. Also in the back you can see the metallic silver kitchen where the waiters put their customer’s orders in. You can even see some of the chefs in their white clothing preparing the gourmet food. Also in the front, you could walk right in and take a seat in the bar area to watch your favorite team play on their many televisions. And just behind the bar area, you could play a game of pool on the grass green tables. It was very spaced out and organized very well.

The white paged menus were full of an assortment of food to choose from. The words of the pages read from cheese sticks to fish to pizza to hamburgers to even carrot cake. There were many types of food to choose from and it wasn’t just normal food. It tasted like gourmet food with great flavor. To satisfy my taste buds, I ordered a hand tossed, freshly baked pepperoni pizza. When the waiter placed the cheesy pizza in front of me on the brown, wooden table, I could immediately feel the heat it was producing from being in the metallic silver, 400 degree oven. It was baked in the shape of a tile from a kitchen floor. The light brown crust with black burnt dots lined the outside of the pizza. It let off the smell of perfectly cooked cheese and bread, just out of a toaster. As I lifted out a piece of the square, I could feel the smoothly paved bottom of the pizza, and the cylinder shaped crust. The little pieces of garlic from the bottom of the pizza stuck to the tips of my fingers as I held it in my hand. Then I was finally ready to satisfy my craving. My hands lifted the pepperoni pizza towards my wide open, dark mouth. I took a bite. My teeth clenched together on the cheesy slice. It tasted tougher on the bread part and softer on the cheesy part. I could also taste the meaty pepperoni in the mix of the cheese. As I kept on chewing, I could taste some of the spices that were in this slice. It all had a perfect mix to make an awesome pepperoni pizza. I felt like it was one of the best pizzas I had in a while. It was incredible!

I had a great time at Rock Bottom and I would definitely go back again and again. The atmosphere has a great feeling to eat in. The waiters are very kind and really take care of you. The gourmet food is just fabulous and tastes great. And the desserts are just awesome! I would no doubt recommend Rock Bottom if you want a great dining experience.

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