A members' Support Specialist called mom- interview

April 21, 2010
Careers’ and jobs differ, one describes an aspiration and the other is what the average person does from 9a.m. to 5p.m. The following is an interview with my mother who is a 38 y/o members support specialist. She talks about her job and improvements she’s made since first working. From her answers and personal stories, it’s obvious that working is not a walk in the park for any one but achieving a high education can get you a better position and enthusiasm for your daily work schedule.

So mom, what do you do for a living?
I work in the Health Care Industry to help hospitals improve clinically for patients and operationally to improve overall performance.

What is the “American Dream” according to you?
My American Dream is to own property, a car, a home, and pay all monthly bills. I want you and your sister and brother to have a better life when I’m gone and preparing for your future is really my dream.

How does your life and job cross paths?
Well, I care about people and my job works with academic medical centers to help provide better medical service to people and improve operations of hospitals for staff to care for patients better.

Money or Power, which one would you rather have on your job?
Money, I’d choose money because I could pay more bills, have more fun on my vacations, and have more money to give to the church.

Are there any culture shocks at your job?
Yes, based on culture of the job. Several databases do one job; there are constant notices of donation request that some people find offensive, and excessive use of outlook. Based on race, I haven’t seen it all but I have no problem with anything new or different

How important are friendships at work?
Not important, I don’t need friends at all. My job is to provide for my family and make sure I have a monthly income, having friends wouldn’t necessarily distract me but I wouldn’t be as focused on my main goal.

What ladders of success have you climbed since you first started working?
Ladders of success that I’ve climbed include working as a receptionist and aggressively advancing year after year to become a members support specialist. My strengths have captured me in the health care industry allowing me to triage customer issues, knowledge sharing, and daily contact with customers further developing a customer relationship management between my company and customer.

What’s your main goal at work right now?
My main goal as of now is to help create a follow-up process for executive sponsors visits and implement the process using share point and allowing the final product to be used as a resource by all company employees.

How do you deal with constructive criticism without taking it personal?
I deal with constructive criticism by listening to the things that need to be improved, not knowing how it’s said to me but what is said and working with my manager to create an improvement plan that includes training internally/externally, and speaking with a professional mentor throughout the process.

What do you look forward to further in your career?
I look forward to retirement! All jokes aside, I want to become a mentor to staff by helping them to create a work-life balance.

Are there any bad habits you’ve had to break while you’re at work?
Yes, bad habits that I’ve had to break includes not eating food at every company celebration and helping other to the point that I end up doing their job.

How much control do you have over your workday?
None, my day is subject to change and based on my Vice Presidents’ needs, goals, or requirements for the day.

Do you make any personal sacrifices while working?
Yes, sometimes I work long hours and cannot take a lunch, so that I do not work late.

How do you deal with stress at work?
I deal with stress at work by taking a fifteen-minute brisk walk, or going to the on-site workout facility and riding the stationary bike for fifteen minutes.

If you had a career “do-over”, how would you do it?
I would go to college right after High School, get my degree in four years and begin my career. I started my career then went to college in order to get tuition reimbursement so my degree options are minimal.

How often do you enjoy yourself at work?
I enjoy myself daily at work through my sense of humor. My humor appeals to everyone in the office and I speak the truth in a humors way that makes everyone agree and laugh.

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