Should Detention be held on saturdays

April 11, 2010
By Anonymous


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Should detention be held on Saturday in stead of after school detention?. There shouldn’t be Saturday detention because on Saturdays kids want to relax and stay home and have fun. They can also get more sleep.

Kids want to be free on Saturday they want to go out side, go to the mall, hangout with there friends, and try to ketch up on there readind.Changing detention to Saturday takes away there relax time.

My position is that when kids are striped from there relax time your taking away a privileges from them so kids want to be left alone on Saturday they should be left alone. I don’t agree with Saturday detention.

Kids want to get more sleep on Saturday because school really tires you out a lot and that also brings a lot of stress. When kids are stressed out they cant do any thing but just sleep. That is why kids sometimes get detention because of this.

Also another reason why there should be no Saturday detention is the staff of the school. The staff needs there there Saturday to relax and forget about work. But when they have Saturday detention to go to they have to see the same kids over and over. Also the would be exhausted from the week and they need there rest.

They are wrong because detention shouldn’t be on Saturday. Student don’t want detention on Saturday and so the staff. So they shouldn’t be any detention on Saturdays.

My opponents might say students should have Saturday detention because during the week they are too busy to serve detention that is why they chose Saturday but I don’t think the kids of the school really likes that.

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