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March 29, 2010
By Justen Vrabel BRONZE, Canfield, Ohio
Justen Vrabel BRONZE, Canfield, Ohio
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Senior year of high school is one of the most stressful and exciting time in any students life. The prospect of the path of one’s life rest on the decision of where to go to school is an extremely scary thought. Many factors go into this life altering decision none more important than campus setting and academic opportunity. The University of Cincinnati offers a one of a kind campus setting and rarely paralleled engineering department. Those factors are guiding me in my decision of attending college.

The campus setting at the University of Cincinnati is the most unique of any college that I visited. The designers made the second largest public university in Ohio fit into a three block radius. It features multiple contemporary architectural styles, underground buildings and passageways, academic halls partially juxtapose and stacked on top of one another, and a football stadium in the middle of of campus built into the ground. Located on the outsirkts of the Cincinnati metropolitan area whites allows easy access to all of the amenities that a big city offers. The campus setting has a one downfall as it is also located next to the Over the Rhine, a notoriously rough ghetto. These attributes make the University of Cincinnati a very compact campus as most everything on campus is within a ten minute walk and downtown Cincinnati is a short bus ride away.

The University of Cincinnati has long been noted as a prestigious school for students pressing a degree in engineering. It is one of the founders of the Cooperative Education Co-op program which allows students to gain valuable experience and contacts to perspective employers while they are still in school. For most of the engineering programs at Cincinnati incorporate a semester of study and a semester of Co -op. At the end of the five year program many graduates have jobs waiting for them at one of the companies they worked for during one of the Co-ops. The cooperative education experience allows students to experience independent lifestyle while earning money to pay for their tuition payments. The diverse field of companies in the surrounding metropolitan area make Cincinnati a prime target for students looking to participate it the co-op program. There is also an option for international Co -op opportunities. These unique attributes have allowed companies to cite an engineering degree as one of prestige and experience.

In conclusion the students who attend Cincinnati University experience an interesting campus setting for their studies. The benefits the engineering program has to offer make the hard work of the Co-ops payoff when applying for the first job. While I am still in the process of deciding which college to attend the University of Cincinnati is ranked high on my list.

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