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March 19, 2010
By hmoobyaj0123 BRONZE, Lilburn, Georgia
hmoobyaj0123 BRONZE, Lilburn, Georgia
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When you meet the love of your life, do you just let them pass by?

I see the society now. Even though I may be a young girl I've read about the past. We've all changed so much. One thing to the next. When did we go wrong? All of these inventions hurt our Earth. Students are lazy and don't want to learn anything. Many people are losing their jobs and their homes. People outside of the U.S are wanting to come here because they feel as though it's "free" here!
To them it's free. To me it's hell. People that are Christians and Catholics push us to be like them. I had a friend who once told me I was going to hell because I don't believe in god. Well, I simply told him I already am in hell. This society has gone mad. Children don't want to help their parents as much as they did back in the days. Parents suffer their child's consequences. They sometimes cry at night from all the pain and stress the kid doesn't even know about. Humans are all heartless in ways no one can explain. We all are just people who make mistakes. Wrong! We are people who can make a difference in life. The ones who can try to help others out of this country. Help people who need it. Laying back and doing nothing is going to get you nowhere. Nowadays, people have no respect for others because we all changed. Some of us foreigners who moved here and had children, their children doesn't even know part of their language or where they come from. Most of them don't even want to know where their from. Why must our society be like this? Well, the only ones who can answer that are the ones changing it. You! Notice that we are the ones who are making changes to this world. We are the ones who fought in war, the ones who cried over loved ones, the ones who smokes underage, the ones who drinks uncontrollably, the ones who wants so much pleasure too beat up people to get what they desire, the ones who murder, the ones who save lives, the ones who party all night, the ones who goes to jail for a felony, the ones who fails to understand that the world is in need of you to care for it and the people on it. We are the ones who want love,happiness, and simply to get away from things easily.

The author's comments:
People just don't understand that they are hurting people and nature.
They are only treasuring things that are always here. Soon, when things go extinct who'll save them. It's hard to see people just walk away from things they should face!

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