My Autistic Angels

February 25, 2010
By Mary Findley BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
Mary Findley BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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I thoroughly enjoyed Sara Marohn’s “My Autistic Angels.” It was an insightful look into the everyday life in a family that has to struggle day in and day out with helping and supporting troublesome kids. Not troublesome in the way that they were bad, but troublesome in the way that it is oftentimes hard to deal with because of their detriment. I really appreciate her honest approach of writing the story. It was not life seen through rose-colored glasses, but instead the gritty and rough reality prevailed in the writing. As a volunteer who often works with kids who have disabilities, I understand the similar frustrations she has. And although dealing with autistic children can be laborious and often difficult, they still hold a special place in out hearts.

The story was a very refreshing and a revealing insight. I could place myself in her shoes and experience her frustrations. So, thank you, Sara, for sharing the eye-opening and heart-opening piece of your life with your “autistic angels.”

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