Finding Nemo

February 17, 2010
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Nemo, is a young, spirited clown fish. He loves having fun and being adventurous. However, his dad is quite the opposite, being that his wife died while Nemo was still in his egg. The movie Finding Nemo was released in May of 2003. It is a great movie for kids because it is rated G and it is still humorous. The directors are Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich, and a star makes her appearance on the big screen as Ellen DeGeneres is the voice for Dori, a very delightful and forgetful fish. The animation is off the charts as everything looks almost real! Amazing effects are thrown in as well to make this already great movie that much better. The plot follows the overprotective dad and his big discoveries in an even bigger ocean. Melvin finds many comical friends and shares many laughs with them as he makes his amazing journey across the ocean fueled by the love that he has for his only son. The race is on for Nemo’s life as this movie will keep you on the edge of your seat, yet make you laugh as well.

Throughout the movie you can really see Melvin’s personality start to change. Ever since the tragedy with his wife, it seemed as though he was locked inside and was scared to take any risks for fear of Nemo’s life. After he sets out to find his son you can see a major change occur. He sees how much fun you can have if you push the limits a little more. Seeing how “normal” fish interact, I feel as if he becomes a new person and takes big strides in the right direction.

Finding Nemo is a great movie. It teaches you life lessons, while having fun at the same time. Even though this movie is targeted for kids, I believe people of all ages will enjoy it, and have a blast throughout the film. Nemo will make you laugh, but at times it will also make you cry. This film has a great balance of humor and serious moments that nobody can resist.

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