Left in the Cold

February 18, 2010
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I enjoyed reading, “Left in the Cold” having endured a similar story of not being able to tell someone “I like you” due to the fact that they belonged to someone else. It may not seem like a life altering experience to most, and often its no more than a brief crush, a passing moment in time during which you are preoccupied with a specific person. However, the underlying theme is all the same. Rejection. Rejection comes in many forms, but each time it’s like a slap in the face. No matter how futile the effort is, we all attempt to protect ourselves from rejection. Being turned down by a job, a college, or even a potential lover, it all hurts. The immediate reaction of each person is always the same, the blood rushes from your face leaving you feeling drained and cold as you walk numbly away. Maybe later, lying in bed and contemplating your day, you’ll think of something witty you could have said to whomever delivered your rejection; something clever that might have numbed the sting. However, it’s always too late, and instead you feel left out, left in the cold.

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