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January 9, 2010
By lil_bit27 SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
lil_bit27 SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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Skyy Vodka created this ad to promote its premium vodka. The promotion of alcohol and the
use of a young, white couple suggests the ad is targeted toward a younger audience of white men and
woman in their 20s to mid 30s.

They appear to be alone at a hotel or exclusive pool, suggesting that they are of a higher class and had enough money to rent the place for themselves.

The picture shows a young couple in revealing dress clothes. The man’s shirt is left unbuttoned
at the top, and the woman’s dress reveals nearly her whole back and legs. Her tall, strappy heels
indicate a glamorous lifestyle.

The man and woman are dancing together on top of perfectly blue water – one arm wrapped loosely around their partner while the other holds a martini. A bubble surrounds them, making them
untouchable as they dance together in their own world. There is no writing on the page except for the
logo on the bottle of Skyy Vodka displayed on a table by the pool.

The ad implies by drinking Skyy Vodka, you will attract the opposite sex. The vodka will make
you bold and confident. The campaigners use this leadership to appeal to the viewer. The couple
appears to take pride in their appearance and to be dramatically confident. So confident, they can do anything, even dance on water wearing clothes that barely cover them. They’re leading a glamorous
lifestyle. The beautiful people also appeal to a younger audience. Women desire to look like the woman in this ad: blonde hair, perfect skin, a perfect figure, and an attractive partner, while men desire to be with a woman like her.

There don’t appear to be any healthy messages. The ad fails to mention the price per bottle or
where it can be found. It is promoting the consumption of alcohol by showing a glamorous lifestyle. The man and woman in the ad value glamorous material things: fancy clothing, expensive jewelry, and a private pool. They value feeling good: being with a perfect partner in their own bubble, their own world.

They hope that when people see Skyy Vodka associated with an attractive, confident, and
carefree couple, it will attract people, because they know everyone would like to be attractive,
confident, and carefree themselves. They give the message that you need to drink their beverage until you feel this way. That could be a problem, because Skyy Vodka will not make you attractive. It will not get you a glamorous lifestyle. And it will not make you carefree and confident.

The author's comments:
Review of a Skyy Vodka ad.

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