January 6, 2010
By taylorleiske SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
taylorleiske SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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AHHH!! Have you ever had that annoying kid screaming in the hallways at school? I am guessing most likely. No matter how much you may want to EXPUNGE kids like that, we need them. Life would be boring if everyone were the same, for example a UTOPIAN world. A perfect society would be boring. Everyone would be the same, not one person would be more FLAMBOYANT than the rest.

Every school has the OSENTATIOUS girl who flaunts her Juicy Couture purse and her $200 pair of designer jeans. “Look at me,” she says without actually speaking. No one likes a rich stuck up brat. It is just plain obnoxious, but think about it. If we did not have such people in our society wouldn’t it be boring? They give us entertainment. For example, Paris Hilton. She gives us plenty of reasons to hate her, but yet we still come back for more.

We have the TIMOROUS kids who sit in the back of the room and don’t like to be noticed. However, they seem to be loved by teachers and students. For some reason, they seem to keep peace in a room.

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