January 6, 2010
By favresdabomb4 SILVER, Delafield, Wisconsin
favresdabomb4 SILVER, Delafield, Wisconsin
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ESPN magazine is mostly aimed towards men and is full of advertisements targeting that audience. BÍnaca mints and breath spray is one of the ads aimed at young white male in their twenties. The ad uses a breath - taking woman. The woman is in her young twenties. As soon as men, looking through the magazine see her, they stop and their eyes draw to the woman.

The picture has a man holding this beautiful woman in his hands. The couple is touchy and sexual. It makes it seem that if you have BÍnaca breath mints, your chances with good looking women will get better and you may even have sex. The ad focuses more on the sexual impact of the mints.

The text on the ad reads, “Are you ready?” Without a picture, some may ask ready for what? Ready for the mints? Ready for the refreshment? Ready for the girl? The sexual picture included in the ad shows what they mean. They are asking are you ready to have sex. They are asking a question to men they already know the answer to. Men reading the magazine want the beautiful women and they want to have sex. The company is saying if you are ready for sex, you should buy their breath mints. This is clearly not the case. The ad leaves out if the couple has been dating before the mints or if in fact the mint is what sparked the sexuality between the two.

This is a clear glamorized symbol of sexuality to persuade the reader to purchase their product. The ad focuses on sexuality and never states what makes their mints better than the rest. Displaying the woman thrust upon the man because of the mints is not a good image. BÍnaca makes it seem like all you need to get women is these breath mints. It does not give women the respect they deserve. It gives the image that women are sexually promiscuous and do not look at the traits of a man. As you look deeper you hope to find a good, healthy image. You could maybe say they promote being clean and healthy, but that’s a stretch.

This ad is another pathetic attempt to use sexuality to persuade men to buy a product they know nothing about. And of course the use of sexuality gets men to buy. Men look at the ad and not the product. These ads will continue to work until men can look at what they are buying, instead of the beautiful women.

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