January 5, 2010
By pjknoebel GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
pjknoebel GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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“Did you say CJ, what DJ?” That’s a daily struggle for a person with a two letter name that rhymes with every other two letter name. The name can’t just be two letters. There has to be a reason it’s that short. Are they hiding it because they don’t like the real one? What does it stand for?

To pass a name down to your son is like selecting his path in life for him. You want him to have the goals, play the sports, like the same hobbies you did. You want him to be just like you, but better. I’m sure my dad had some of this in mind that day he gave me his name. That he would deal with all wrong forms, mail and presents that comes with having two people with the same name under one roof to have a son like him.

Well I could not. The constant turning around to my mom only to find out she was looking for my father. So I took a different name. I took my initials and put them together as if I was making some new delicious sandwich that defined me as not my dad, but my own person. PJ, how original, kind of. Besides the fact it rhymed with every other two letter name with a j it was perfect. I still grew up liking most of the stuff my dad did. Not because he wanted me to but that PJ wanted to. It was different but still had the same meaning. That my name is and still always will be Phillip John Knoebel II.

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