Money 411

December 15, 2009
By , Dell Rapids, SD
When I was reading this story, I thought, “Oh boy, another problem with school.” But this is a good problem. It would give the kids in school a much better view on the “real world.” This story talks about starting a new program with school and a better way for kids to prepare for the future with money. It would start in sixth grade and continue up to graduation. Each year, it would get more challenging. With this program, the kids would actually leave school with a sense of saving, unlike most kids these days. Starting in sixth grade, you would get a set amount of fake money to start with. Throughout the year, you would manage it and receive a grade for performance. Once you get in high school, you would get more advanced with it and when you graduate, you would need a passing grade. I think this would help out a lot of our problems with money. Kids would be able to have an outlook on money and saving it. The kids, pre-teens, and teens wouldn’t have to leave the financial decisions to the adults. If they ever get this program running, it should work very well but maybe with a few struggles. If it doesn’t, then there probably will be some classes involved with that. Kids would leave school with a sense of saving money if this plan happens.

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