December 7, 2009
By Anonymous

Is Hamlet the first great psychological drama? “To be or not to be, that is the question.” I believe that Hamlet is the first great psychological drama. The word psychological comes from the Latin root of psycho, which means mind. Hamlet is a play that is heavily involved with the minds of several characters of the play as well as affecting the mind of the audience. For example Hamlet throughout the play is fighting within himself to avenge his father’s death. He thinks about it but never acts. He tended to do drastic things throughout the play such as playing with a woman’s heart, mind, and emotions.
Ophelia was a beautiful and innocent girl who fell in love with Hamlet. Hamlet, who was fighting within himself over what to do with his father’s vengeance, leads on Ophelia and then ultimately denies her. Ophelia is crushed over this and loses her mind. She eventually drowns under suspicious circumstances. Some say it was an accident while others believe it was suicide.
At the end of the play there is the death of four people. This affects the mind of the audience greatly. Throughout this whole play there are events that affect the mind of the audience. When the play is finished there are still a lot of questions and puzzlement for the audience to go home with. Hamlet is one of the most known and quoted plays of all time. It is clearly the first great psychological drama.

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