New aged prohibition

November 24, 2009
By afilman PLATINUM, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
afilman PLATINUM, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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In the 1920’s, the United States banned its citizens from drinking alcohol. Citizens became striped of rights they formally took for granted. Prohibition. But to this day, prohibition is still seen every day: not legalizing gay marriages, not legalizing the use of marijuana, and not legalizing visiting Cuba. Jacob Weisberg states in “The End of Prohibition”, “Today prohibition is a byword for futile attempts to legislate morality and remake human nature.”
Since 2002 the New York Times believed in accepting and announcing gay unions; still citizen’s voted to prevent gay marriage. Strict Christians argue the bible reads, "Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve" creating the illusion people are only granted marriages through practicing the Christian faith. This is not the case. Since marriage is allowed, regardless of religion, why would gender be a question? Marriage grants more benefits than a union. Marriage is a legal commitment. Marriage is a life style. Individuals of the gay society would like to have these rights, creating a stable home for them and their children.
Along with gay marriage, the United States government bans the use of marijuana. Although fourteen states have already legalized the use of medical marijuana. Medical marijuana is as easy to obtain as candy in these states. If a patient informs the doctor they’ve suffered from, migraines, anorexia, arthritis, cancer, AIDS, or other chronic pain, medical marijuana may be prescribed. If this process doesn’t work with the first doctor, patients commonly go to an alternate doctor until they receive medical marijuana. Patients using medical marijuana know of potential risks, including possible damage to their lungs, hearts, and daily life. But in any medicine used, side effects may occur. As seen at the end of medical related commercials, the person speaking during the commercial, state as quickly as possible the potential side effects. Having potential side effects with marijuana is no different than with any other medication.
In the fourteen states where marijuana is legalized, court cases involving marijuana but proving to be medical become excused. With medical marijuana becoming so accessible, and visions of money that could be made created by taxing marijuana. The thoughts of growing pot in the backyard, or lighting a joint on your way to work become more believable every day.

Just like purchasing marijuana legally, visiting Cuba has been near to impossible. If you visited, readmittance into the United States was a chore. In April, Obama lifted restrictions to Cuban-Americans. These citizens now being allowed to travel to and from Cuba freely. Still, others with ethnicities not of Cuban-Americas would like to be granted these same privileges, such as visiting family or visiting new parts of the world. Cuba is known to be full of adventures, adventure people wish to experience. Not allowing United States citizens to experience new lands is unjust.
With Americans searching for the pursuit of happiness, prohibitions are slipping out of reach. The moral arguments may force the government to make a difference. With six states allowing gay marriage and more than twenty three percent of adults believing the use of marijuana should be legalized, how long can the government keep what Americans are yearning for from them? If this country is run by its people, it won’t be long until a gay man and his husband will be able to light a joint while planning his honeymoon to Cuba.

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