trying a son

November 23, 2009
By jose rojas BRONZE, Bearverton, Oregon
jose rojas BRONZE, Bearverton, Oregon
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Eduardo is standing in the door. In the afternoo.”Where we go?” said his son john. I have to work good but if you behave Eduardo said we could leave.”Whatever.”His son John said if you do not take me anyway I’m going to get out to enjoy myself, the only thing that is giving me money and I will benefit front having fun with my friends and being able to buy things said john. Their relationship was very bad because john don’t see his father a lot.”Jajajaja, don’t make me laugh Eduardo said you, you know john you are years of age and you abide by my rules while you live with me and I will keep Eduardo said”. “Whatever dad john said with s smile face” I know I have to abide by your rules but not going to stop going out with my friends and having fun rather that you have to go out with me doing it and have fun you also”. John said very sad. Eduardo responds nononono I have to work and doing my things with your mom”, plus you have the mind of a child and I’m bigger than you, just think I have so different mind then you.
Eduardo wife’s comes to the house and heard the conversation with John and Eduardo and she say “I think you Eduardo need to have time to go out with your family and have fun also with me.” Eduardo and his wife has very good relationship but his son is very bad son. John look I have to work to get everything they want you and I feel so happy seeing my family”. Eduardo said very mad. Johns responds “Ok, dad I understand you, but the only thing I ask is that you need to have some time for us and teach me your experiences, also I want to study and be just like you in my future submitting in the radio and wants to be a great father as well as you are with me.” John was very tall and also very strong.

“You know I love you dad” john said crying.”
Eduardo took out his wallet and said” john I’ll give money and also you have chance to go out and have fun but just promise me you’re going to carry very well and you’re going to care said Eduardo”Ok, dad I promise you that I will care much, said john. this family was very unusual because they way of live was very bad.

The author's comments:
this character is my favorite because he help people also descrive how a child act

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