Google Earth: A Whole New World

November 19, 2009
By Asher BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
Asher BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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'So this is what it feels like to be weightless, floating in nothing but a white suit, surrounded by complete darkness, with no sign of light except for the mighty sun and the tiny pinpricks of light that we call stars. So…beautiful…It’s amazing how much perspective means to a person. I mean, from here, stars look like tiny points of harmless brilliant light, while from a thousand miles away they appear to be great balls of burning fire, no longer innocent at all, but rather things to be feared…And on Earth, the planet we live on is our whole world, surrounding and encompassing us, bearing so much detail and life. Our planet can seem plain at times, but from here…'

'…from here there’s no mistaking a miracle…'

Not many people get to experience the wonders of weightlessness or of being in the darkness of outer space. Nor do many people have the chance to see the sight of the Earth from afar – a beacon of hope and life, of a lasting miracle in the middle of an unbearable emptiness. Though few could ever experience this in person, there are programs where people can get close to this sight - the sight of the Earth from a distant place. One such program, believe it or not, is created by the well-known company Google. It’s called Google Earth.

Google Earth, besides providing an enchanting image of the earth from afar, provides detailed satellite images of the planet we humans know as home. You can find any continent, any country, any state, any road, or any house. You can find geographic features, state and country boundaries, and so much more. Google Earth can be informative, educational, or even used for weather, traffic, or easy directions from one place to another. Best of all, the program is free to all with Internet capabilities. This can all be done with only a few clicks of a mouse. Let the mysteries of the Earth be told…

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