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November 12, 2009
By Anonymous

I believe that Tsukasa is an archetype hero. There are several factors that make archetype heroes and are as follows: a strange birth, traumatizing event, a mentor, a unique weapon, a decent into hell, and penance for the father. Tsukasa falls into all but one of these categories’ so here is a list of how he relates to these things.
Tsukasa didn’t have a strange birth (but neither did Odysseus) and this is his one flaw to the story. In the story Tsukasa is a player to a game called “The World” to escape from the fear of his abusive father, and is tricked by an A.I. named Morganna Modgon and is trapped inside of the game and cannot log-out, this is his event. The weapon that Tsukasa obtains is actually not even a real weapon but a virus crated by Morganna Modgon to trick him; it has the power to alter the data of other players. Tsukasa didn’t have one mentor but actually had several as all of his friends teach him and change him into what he needed to be to complete his story. Tsukasa’s decent into hell is his arrival at a server called “Net-Slum”, a dark and damaged server created by hackers to store illegal data. As Tsukasa arrives he needs to find and awaken the legendary “Key of the Twilight” that is said to give the owner the ability to bypass all restrictions of the game. Once Tsukasa finds the key he is confronted by Morganna Modgon who’s goal is to keep the key from awakening. As Tsukasa faces Morganna he remembers all his friends have taught him and is no longer afraid of Morganna or his father and he awakens the key and logs out.

As I said before I believe that Tsukasa is an archetype hero. He fits all but one factor and he had a great story. He solved his problems with knowledge tact and friends and deserves to be called a hero.

The author's comments:
this was a paper i did in my english class

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