It's Time To Rock 'N' Roll All Night

November 8, 2009
By kissfanatic123 SILVER, Newark, Delaware
kissfanatic123 SILVER, Newark, Delaware
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Even when KISS came out in 1974, most people saw them as an act that would last two weeks to one year. Well, 35 years later, they are selling out arenas all over the world, even selling out Madison Square Garden a countless number of times. Gene Simmons, the blood-spitting demon, Paul Stanley, the guitar playing Starchild, Tommy Thayer (taking over the position of Ace Frehley) as the Spaceman, and Eric Singer (taking the position of Peter Criss) as the Catman, showed the attendees at the Wachovia Center on Monday, October 12th, that they can still rock all night, even if couple of the members can apply for AARP.

From the start of the show, with the famous opening “You wanted the best, you got the best. The hottest band in the world… KISS!” to the end of the show, the place was shaking. Starting off with the song, “Deuce,” KISS showed off their old roots. They played all the classic KISS songs (KISS Klassics if you are talking to a die hard KISS fan) all KISS fans grew up with or second to third generation KISS fans heard in their parents cars. From “100,000 Years” to maybe the most known rock anthem in the world (besides “We Will Rock You”) “Rock ‘N’ Roll All Nite.” KISS even played a song off their first studio album in 11 years, Sonic Boom. That song would be “Modern Day Delilah.”

Even though it has been 35 years, the make-up is still a must for KISS. The make-up they have been known for their entire career was on full and they showed no signs of hating their trademark.

While on stage, the blood-spitting demon, we call Mr. Gene Simmons, dominated the stage when he was lifted about 30 feet in the air, overlooking the entire crowd and did the famous “I Love It Loud,” even though the people beneath him might not have liked the fact his “blood” was in their hair. Tommy Thayer put on a guitar solo during “She” that was obviously highly influenced by the none other Ace Frehley. The fireworks and smoke coming out of his guitar, even shooting a stage prop from his guitar blew the young minds away, but to the older minds, they remember this from their teenager days. Eric Singer, maybe the best drummer of the era, put on a drum solo that was mind blowing. A drum solo a skilled drummer would go “Wow, that guy would not be fun to have a drum off with.” Even though Thayer and Singer are not the original members, they fit right in with the domination we call KISS.

Being that this is a KISS concert we are talking about, the pyrotechnics were simply amazing. Every few seconds a firework or stage bomb going off left you begging for more BOOM! KISS had enough confetti to cover the entire arena (confetti going off during, none other than, “Rock ‘N’ Roll All Nite”) and enough power to keep the audience singing along with the Klassics and begging for more KISS!

Playing five encores and a two and half hour show, KISS showed that they may be 35 years older, but they still put on an amazing show that will leave the crowd talking about for decades to come.

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