Paul McCartney at Citi Field

October 14, 2009
By em.25 BRONZE, Ny, New York
em.25 BRONZE, Ny, New York
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Excitement and angst filled the air as what seemed like thousands of people quickly unloaded the cramped 7-train at the locally infamous Willets Point train station, but with a slightly different cause in mind. For three nights only, the great Sr. Paul McCartney would be giving the NY Mets new top of the line home, Citi Field, a formal introduction, and a true run for its money. As people lined the entrance into the stadium, a few people still trying to get their hands on tickets, just the initial amount of energy and enthusiasm couldn’t help but be noticed. Everywhere you turned, there where authentic Beatle concert t-shirts, tail gate parties blasting Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band from the trunks of their cars, insane hairstyles and tattoos and so much more. One was almost able to just peer into a whole other generation that once revolved around a message of peace, love and music, something that was about to be revisited in just a few short hours. Walking into the stadium, ticket tightly grasped close at hand, that initial enthusiasm just began to grow. Music blasting from every corner, impromptu sing-a-longs while waiting for a shack burger, and even a few impersonations over at the Beatles- Rockband kiosk, this was surely turning into one of those nights one could never forget. As you walked closer to the seats you were greeted by an enormous stage that was once part of center field, and sat restlessly awaiting for those curtains to open alas, and for the show to begin.
Opening for this spectacular evening, a quaint band known as The Script, haling from Ireland. Rumor has it that they were especially requested by Sr. Paul himself to open up for him during his small visit to NY, and their sense of bliss, commitment and honor to the event was immense, yet admirable. Eyes as bright as a child’s, they never lost grip on their humble yet theatrical outlook, and made the event that much more cozy yet memorable, achieving their overall goal as “a few little boys from Ireland”, and further reminding us all that dreams never die, no matter how strange and bizarre they may seem to the average eye.
Then finally, after a gruesome 30minute wait and what seemed to be an on screen contract claiming that if you did not want your picture taken, you had to leave, the lights went out on Citi field. Screens began to flash with pictures and forgotten videos of the great Beatle generation and its leaders, The Beatles, as the joyous crowd began to roar. Then, the curtains began to open, and like from a dream, out from a little corner came out a man sporting a suit jacket, jeans, and an iconic sunburst guitar close at hand. Hearts dropped for a few short moments, then began only 5x’s faster than before as the crowd roared, whistled and danced for their hero, Sr. Paul McCartney. There he was, in the flesh, returning back to Flushing, NY just one more time. Eyeing the crowd, he began the show with a small yet perfect sentence; “Long time since I was here. I’ve got a feeling that we’re going to have a little bit of fun tonight.”
The first song of the night, “Drive my car”, followed with so many greats, from those pulse pounding, up beat hits including “I Saw Her Standing There, “Back in the U.S.S.R.”, “I’ve Got a Feeling”, “Helter Skelter” and “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band” all the way to those softer, mysterious yet ever so meaningful songs such as “Blackbird”, “Hey Jude”, “Let it Be”, “My Love”, dedicated to his late wife, Linda and “Something”, dedicated to the late George Harrison. Immediately an even greater surge of energy and passion filled the arena. From the minute the music began, the crowd and its entertainers for the night started in a joyous, celebrated reunion filled of love, and all those great little things in life that just make it that much better, that help you truly believe in a better tomorrow. From ukuleles to fireworks, sweat to rain, and even some tears, this concert certainly had it all. However, despite all the fancy effects, out of this world guitar riffs and drum solos, the most incredible, magical and powerful moment of the night was perhaps when Paul McCartney began to play “Here Today”, dedicated to undoubtedly one of the most loved rockers of all time, John Lennon, followed by his siren song of love and union, “Give Peace a Chance”. At that moment all music stopped and the crowd was left to sing acapella, chanting those powerful lyrics John gave to us long ago, “All we are saying, is give peace a chance.” Immediately all arms were raised, proudly pounding to the melody created by all who joined in the true celebration. For just these two short moments, it was a unison unlike any other, a perfect balance. A rush of power and freedom that still continues to live on from generation to generation, no matter the circumstance. Each individual, from four years old and carried on shoulders, to sixty five years old and jumping out of their seats, were all enjoined as one simply by the means of a song, and one bands dream of equality and peace. To this day, The Beatles legacy still carries on, and will continue to thrive and grow just as time rapidly passes by. For within each song, each guitar solo and bass line is a message unlike any other, a message that would defy time and all other stereotypes to go along with it, a message of love, growth, and peace. Teaching us all that all we truly need is a little bit of love in each and every one of our hearts, and faith in a dream that can never die.

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