EnV Touch

September 25, 2009
By David DeBellis BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
David DeBellis BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
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The first EnV was a great phone but when I got my EnV Touch I thought the EnV wasn't near as good as the Touch. Also, I lost/broke my EnV about three times. Despite those incidents, Verizon Wireless is phenomenal and they gave me a new one for only fifty dollars instead of 400! Now, I got my EnV Touch and it's battery life is way better than the first EnV. I can have it on for three days straight without turning it off!

There are many features on the phone that I love. One is the shortcuts menu. If your on the front screen there is an arrow on the side. If you touch the arrow it will bring up a window. You can put anything you want on that window;such as, games, settings, messages, calender, etc. Also, you can drag shortcuts on the front screen. Another feature I like is the sub menu on the bottom of the front screen, it's really helpful. The EnV Touch is the best out of the four Env's. I hoped you liked my review and I hope it helps you out.

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