Driving the dream: The Koenigsegg CCX

June 24, 2009
By Jerry Villeda BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Jerry Villeda BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Do you ever wonder If there is a perfect super-car? Well heres one of those, and it is not your typical super-car!

Koenigsegg was established in 1994 by Christian Von Koenigsegg. With David Craaford (designer) and other employees. Their first car was in a Paris car show in 1997
. But 2 years later they built their first production car, the Koenigsegg CC 8S (cc means compact coup). After some time Koenigsegg facilities caught on fire, only about 15 cars were saved, the rest were destroyed. A year later they built the Koenigsegg CCR, then came the CCX.

The CCX has enough power to go 0-60 in 3.2 seconds! To be exact, thats about 806 horses. Enough power to deliver the 250 MPH (Miles Per Hour) But if you think its just about speed, well think again because this car is good in handling. The CCX can cut corners in really high speeds.

The CCX was introduced in 2006 . It's a 2 door roadster and it even comes with a removable hardtop. This car doesn't have a V12 or V10 but it has a V8 supercharged DOHC engine. You can get this car for $578.000 for the cheap version. Or you can get the fully equipped one for $688.000.

The CCX is Quit impressive, it beat the Pagani Zonda, The Ferrari Enzo. But is it enough to defeat the Bugatti Veyron

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