Review of Dirty Dancing

May 27, 2009
On Sunday November 23, I saw the production of the new musical Dirty Dancing. It was presented at the Cadillac Theatre in Chicago. The theatre is an average size and has three parts to the theatre, there is the first floor, the second is the balcony area, and then there is the third floor which is the nose bleed section. The theatre also has a concession stand/bar on the second floor and they have bathrooms on the third floor and the basement. The only problem I find with the theatre is going the bathroom during intermission because that is when everyone is going so there is always along line for the bathroom, but they do have employees directing the bathroom traffic which makes it somewhat easier to get through, but it is still a very long wait. I have been to this theatre many times during the year and I think it is very elegant with all of the chandeliers and the detail in the designs on the wall and ceiling. Before I saw this performance my mom had tried to get me to watch the movie, but I wasn’t really interested in it at the time. When waiting for the performance to begin I thought I was going to see a musical, with songs and dancing, but this isn’t the same kind of musical I’m use to. The show was about 2 ½ hours long and it went by pretty fast. The actors do not sing at all and of the few that did I would say that there were really only two strong singers in the cast, and they didn’t have an actual role/main part in the production. I thought that the cast was well picked and that they did an excellent job bringing the audience in and keeping them interested. The whole cast were excellent dancers but I wouldn’t say the same for their acting, some were better then others but none of them were really spectacular! Out of the whole cast their were two main actors who were played by men from the Australia theatre coalition, one of them played the father of Baby and I didn’t even know he was from Australia until after the show. The other Australian actor played John Castle who is the leading male part in the production, he was a great dancer and a good actor but his accent kept coming out during the performance and it didn’t really fit because he was suppose to be the bad-boy-rebel-dancer and it just sounded kind of weird to hear him talk like that. After recollecting my thoughts of the production I would say that it is an excellent production for people who are interested in dancing, but if people are looking for a classical musical type production they are in for a big surprise.

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irishwoman said...
Aug. 28, 2009 at 9:39 pm
Great article - very informative and well-written!
superman said...
Aug. 27, 2009 at 10:07 pm
5 stars
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