Count Dracula Review

May 24, 2009
By Anonymous

Count Dracula was a very interesting play to see. One of my first observations was that the stage was not big at all. The theater was relatively small, and could only seat a couple hundred people. It seemed like one fourth the size of my high school's theater. This made the play really up close for everyone. It felt like everyone was in the action especially when the characters would run through the aisles and be right next to you. The play also didn’t have that many characters and the story was really easy to follow which was a plus for the performance. It was an interesting original story about Count Dracula, Van Helsing, and Dracula’s friendship with the neighboring mansion owners. The story had many funny jokes and was a nice way of presenting the very familiar story Count Dracula. The set never changed in the play, but they moved to different places throughout the play. The actors all acted as professionals and even though some of them were rookies, there acting skills showed otherwise. The story was mostly at the mansion of the friends of Dracula’s but went to Dracula’s mansion too. The costumes were generally all the same, and the characters would never change into different costumes in the show. The play was a two act play with a short intermission, the play itself was very fast, and didn’t have much uninteresting parts. It was a very fun play to see, and a lot of the time kept on the edges of your seat. The play was also family friendly, which was a nice touch. It was an interesting way to use up a Saturday night, and very recommended!

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