All American Girl

April 30, 2009
By Anonymous

all american girl
have you ever heard of the disease called down syndrom, well i have it. i dont get looked at like other girls do, i get looked at like i dont belong here or like im not human. If people only knows how i feel inside they would know im just like everybody else just a little bit different. my name is jackie baker i love to play sports and get into clubs. i am in the 9th grade i have one friend named kerri moore she is the best friend i could ask for, she has beautiful brown curly hair and amazing baby blue eyes. she always has a boyfriend with her amazing looks.they found out i had down syndrom when i was a baby they could kind of notice it. my mother wasnt planing to have a baby so i didnt have much when i grew up she worked a full time job just to pay the bills. i didnt want to end up like her so i was saving up for college i have had a job mowing lawns since i was twelve i have a little saved up some times i have to take out of it to help my mom pay the bills. she is trying to find me a dad but she found the wrong man for her. at first he was real good to her then we they got married it all started going down hill. he became a drug addict, he was smoking haroin he came home everynight beating on the walls and waking everybody up. My mother would try to calm him down but all she did was make him angry, she would get a painful beating from him i tried not to watch but it was all i could do to turn around and walk the other way. On my 15th birthday my mother died of a severe over dose but i knew what happened, my step father made her over dose. i was all alone after that i was an out of place girl didnt know which path to take, i had no guidence. Once my mother was gone my step father didnt have anyone either so he took out all of his troubles out on me. One day he came home he was despret for haroin, he called me from my room he explained to me how he had to sell me to get his drugs. I had no choice i had to go with the man who bought me. he paid my step father three thousand dollars. This was a common thing from that point my step father had made it a habbit. He thought he didnt have to work and plus he got rid of me, i tried to run away one day but he found me and beat me and made me promise to never leave him again. On my 16th birthday i found out that i was pregnant by a man who i didnt even know. i couldnt tell nobody so i told kerri she helped me save up for the baby, soon after i found out that i was pregnant my step father had an over dose. i moved in with kerri her father was the preist of the church down town they took me in. They took me took me to my ultra sounds for the baby, the doctors told me there was a very high risk that the baby would have down syndrom. my baby was born on june 15 2006. I named her june baker she was the best thing that ever happened to me i loved my baby girl luckly she didnt have down syndrom she was perfect. i turned 16 with a child that was almost a year old. i love my baby. on my 18th birthday june turned three, i had a scholership to the community college, so i went to college kerri's mom took care of june. I was studying to be a realator. The people at the college never took me serious they didnt think i belonged there. I know i did i had a right to be there and to keep my promise that i made to myself, that i would not end up like my mother. I didnt i meet my husband at college he treats me like a queen i have had two boys and my beautiful baby girl june is doing great they are all my pride and joy.

this is my story an all american girl just trying to make my way in life, i know my mother would be proud of me.

The author's comments:
Everybody in this world has a chance to do the impossibe we may have bumps in the road but if you keep your head hed high and focus on your goal you will make it there.

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