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August 4, 2009
By Anonymous

The steamy pepperoni pizza birthed in Mr. Gatti’s restaurant on the outskirts of San Antonio is the single most mouth-watering slice of pizza anyone will ever consume. It puts the pizza in pizzazz! Of course, any and everyone asked will support this belief. Although San Antonio is branded the nucleus of Tex-Mex cuisine, it can produce some scrumptious Italian food if one knows where to find it, such as a restaurant like Mr. Gatti’s.
Neighboring Mr. Gatti’s are a few ragtag shops including Dollar General and Party City, which are so infested with graffiti it almost looks intentional. The second-rate surroundings only benefit Mr. Gatti’s, because they make it look more clean and attractive. Although the location is not the most desirable, people continue to flock to Mr. Gatti’s as if the Beatles reincarnated for a final performance. Thankfully, the restaurant was designed to hold such a swarm of ravenous customers. It contains three theaters where people can watch movies while they enjoy their meal. These theaters—the laid back dining rooms where people of all ages gather to share in a feast of Italian-styled food— are casual and themed. There is a sports theme, a cartoon theme, and an old school Hollywood theme. Along with these theaters, a large game room is located behind the buffet for post-dinner enjoyment. The game room feels the inside of a pinball machine, with funky furniture and techno music blaring consistently. However, Mr. Gatti’s wasn’t always so successful and upbeat. Back in 1964 when it was simply known as The Pizza Place to Stephenville, Texas, the founder Colonel Eure had to relocate because of low business rates, a result of starting up a company in a small town. People were not appreciating Colonel Eure’s skills in cooking, so he decided to pick up and try again in a different area. Once in Austin, he changed his restaurant name to Mr. Gatti’s after his wife’s maiden name. Ever since, his company has received the attention it deserved.
Mr. Gatti’s pepperoni pizza, as many people have been fortunate enough to discover for themselves, almost resembles a triangular domino if there ever was such a thing. Dotted with the luscious pepperonis, the aroma is irresistible. The crust is perfectly golden and exhibits a few bubbles as scars from the oven. A pizza prized for its fresh and first-rate ingredients, it is made up of quality yeast-risen dough, real provolone cheese, tangy secret recipe sauce, and juicy pepperoni. This pizza is legendary for two reasons. The first is that it is astonishingly not greasy, unlike every other slice of pizza that I have ever come across. The thin yet sturdy bottom layer of bread is never soggy or damp with orangey oil that spurts out like water from a sponge when you bite into the crust. The second vital fact that attracts a hearty portion of customers is that Mr. Gatti’s pepperoni pizza is not unhealthy, compared to their competitors’ food. Mr. Gatti’s only uses top of the line ingredients, while aspiring pizza restaurants welcome unwholesome cheese substitutes and grease in their recipes. Those pizzerias produce low quality food that ends up tasting like worn gardening gloves.
Once baked in the oven for the correct amount of time, the pizza is complete and ready to be served. The final product is tangy but sweet, juicy yet crispy, and anxiously awaited but well worth every minute. It is a priceless mosaic, different shaped tiles skillfully placed to intertwine and complement one another. Priced at only $8 for a buffet, it is, in fact, a masterpiece.

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