June 16, 2009
By Ekosworld SILVER, Boston, Massachusetts
Ekosworld SILVER, Boston, Massachusetts
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Listen to your heart… live… love… and be inspired.

His presence makes me feel so angry but warm inside. His voice is so smoothe like a babies skin.But why should it matter on my thoughts of "pain". His touch is so gentle, but his eyes are so caring. But why do I still observe? The way he stares into my eyes, trying to read my thoughts, trying wto become familiar with my mind, body, and soul he used to be apart of. Why does he care? I remember when he used to hold me, my world felt so perfect, when we made love our bodies felt as one. Why am I going down memory lane? When I see him I can't help but smile, my heart jumps everytime he speaks my name. Why do I feel this way? My mind wants me to hate him the one who broke my heart, but my heart is telling me it is ok to love. Why am I so niave? Why is he so trustworthy? I can't believe everytime I leap you jump, everytime I cry you scream. Everytime I want to listen you want to be silent. Why is my world crashing? Missing the one who knows me better than I know myself. Can't help but to think about the day I told you my dreams, my fears, and my worst nightmares. All I really want to say and I can't help to feel....

I love You, and you make me feel so complete.

The author's comments:
Being In-Love and getting heart broken has a tole on a person. especially this particular person I am talking about.

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