Never Be the Same

June 10, 2009
By Taylor DeGarmo SILVER, Beloit, Kansas
Taylor DeGarmo SILVER, Beloit, Kansas
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I’m falling head over heals for you
Everyday that slips by,
It gets worse.
I get emotional for no reason.
My heart feels like a cement black, shoved in my chest as a replacement,
For the real thing.

I’ve had my chance, I tell myself
But I was young and I blew it.
Several times I made the same mistake
And I know I can’t be,
I don’t deserve you.
I’ve caused too much pain,
Too much sorrow.

So, I’ll just lie here in my bed,
Staring at the piece of paper,
That you drew a puppy on for me,
That I’ve taped to the wall.
It says, “You looked sad, thought you might need a puppy.”

You were always so thoughtful,
Always put a smile on my face.
And when I wasn’t having a very pleasant day…
You would cheer me up in very random ways.
Oh, how I miss those days.

All I can do now is dream.
In the morning I wake up refreshed,
Until I learn it was just my imagination. Just fake.
Sometimes I have nightmares,
And I wake up depressed and upset,
A hungry bear that just woke up from hibernation and found out its mate ran away.

But until bed time,
When I dream of you,
I’ll just remember the old times,
And maybe I’ll convince myself,
Once and for all,
You and me… we’ll never be the same.

The author's comments:
This is a poem

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