Battle to the Concert

June 8, 2009
By Lauren Sloniger BRONZE, Oak Park, Illinois
Lauren Sloniger BRONZE, Oak Park, Illinois
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The day of the concert I gathered among other worshipers awaiting the chance to pay homage to their gods, the Jonas Brothers. On that blisteringly hot day we stood there packed shoulder to shoulder in the ritual Jonas Brothers clothing and in my line for gate 5, I chanced to start a conversation with the four worshipers around me.

There was the FANATIC, the crazed fan that appeared to be a tween but upon talking to was discovered to be 16. She, from the moment she discovered her gods, had sworn to be just like them. Pledged to abstinence, righteousness, and loyalty to her three gods. She had fought her was through four concerts already, and was quite proud of her noble record. She could recite any verses from their scripture at a moments notice and thought it her duty to spread the word of Nick, Kevin, and Joe. She found it difficult to keep her mouth still and was constantly jabbering away and jumping around, her fake abstinence ring flashing on her tiny finger.

Her trusty companion the HENCHMEN was an eager but quiet youth ready to follow her master into any fight for tickets or battle with nonbelievers. Her appearance made her seem as though she was the Fanatics elder, her lanky height, her gently curling locks of hair and her calm demeanor. She possessed an exceptionally agile mind that helped her absent minded master on many occasions. When discussing their battles with them I discovered that for all her part in all of the Fanatics battles she received very little recognition as is often the way with Fanatics and their Henchmen.

One of the other two girls that I came to know was the MANIAC. Unlike the Fanatic and the Henchmen she had looser morals and if she had the chance would rip the Jonas Brothers clothes from their bodies and screw abstinence. She was beautiful and wore the newest clothes or her body but her personality was unmanageable and extreme. She was devoted to the Jonas Brothers and studied their scripture but not so devotedly and the others. More like her obsession was a fad until the next big thing. Her studies were more a justification for her obsession with their bodies than a true belief in their message.

Her companion to the concert was her unwilling brother the SCOFFER. He was a fairly attractive teenager who was fit because of his lacrosse training. He could play like a pro and was well on his way to a scholarship. He joined his sister in her journey because he felt that she could not go alone being a young girl in today’s society. His attitude was one of slight mockery of all the girls around him and disrespect for the Jonas Brothers (the girls around him claimed it was just jealousy). Ignoring his lack of faith to the cause he seemed overall like an excellent youth.

The Fanatic has many similarities to the knight from Canterbuty Tales. They both see themselves as noble and are very proud. The Fanatic has gone to battle and pays strict attention to her gods. The attitude towards the Fanatic is also the same as towards the night; a slight mockery of their characters that is not said out right in the description even though it can be inferred. The biggest difference between them is that the Fanatic does not hold herself back in a dignified way as the Knight tries to do.

The Henchmen is to the Fanatic as the Squire is to the Night. She is the Fanatics companion and has done well for herself but is still bound to her master even though she loves her. She could go far on her own but still has things to learn from the Fanatic that only time can teach her. Who she could be is no different from the Squire; it is just more hidden inside her.

The Maniac is slightly similar to the Wife of Bath in that they both use their god’s scripture as a justification of whatever it is they want. The Wife of Bath twists around the bible to try and show that having had five husbands is alright and the Maniac can claim that the scripture is part of her obsession therefore making it acceptable.

The Scoffer is comparable to the Yeoman in that they both can be seen as not going on the journey for steadfast reasons and really excel at something is not important to the pilgrimage. Both are not noticed as much and stand in the shadows of the journey whether it is to a concert or Canterbury.

I chose to create my modern day characters as Jonas Brothers fan’s going to a concert because often in today’s society celebrities get more attention and respect than religious figures. They get more absolute loyalty and frenzied obedience than some religions.

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