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   Another man shuffled on stage in his dirty overalls with a broom, joining the others that were already on stage. Sweep sweep sweep, bang bang, the show began, engaging the entire audience.

All a thespian, like myself, ever wants is to see a good show. I did just that on December 23rd with three of my dearest friends.

Arriving at the theatre under pretenses of rave reviews, I expected a terrific show; I received much more than that. The first few minutes started slowly as I found myself wondering just what was so great about a guy on stage with a broom. I was soon pleased to find that this was just one of the many ways the cast of eight "Stompers" used new techniques in creating percussion.

The cast held everyone's attention for the entire ninety-minute show. It amazed me to see that these actors got the audience to laugh hysterically without even speaking a word. The expression that the performers exhibited during show was truly unbelievable. Anyone who can stomp around on stage, vocally silent, for an hour and a half and have the audience walk out smiling holds my highest respect. Not to mention that the audience did more than just smile on their way out of the theatre, I can honestly say that everyone who went to "Stomp" thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

The costumes were not incredibly "snazzy" C simple T-shirts and jeans, but that didn't matter. The rhythms and beat just consumed everyone, and made the outfits more than fitting.

It was not only the performance that caught my eye; the set stood out as well. The colorful set was not so much elaborate as it was very intricate. It was incredibly appropriate for the show, assembling various odds and ends. It was an effective stage that not only aided the cast, but helped the audience envision every aspect of the show.

On another technical note, the lighting was superb. The spotlights were incredibly effective in emphasizing certain choreography and rhythms. The different colors aided the overall mood, one that appeared to almost envelope me.

"Stomp" incorporates many different percussion techniques, and does not use any methods one might call "conventional." Keeping all of this in mind, I must recommend that everyone from the "theatre buffs" to the "theatre illiterate" spare the time it takes to see the magnificent show "Stomp"! .

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