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   Most people know that boating in Massachusetts is not a year-round hobby. As a boater, I need something to satisfy my boating needs from late September, when we take our 17' Seaswirl out of the water, until early June, when we put it back in.

Boating magazines are one way to fulfill my boating needs during the winter. They also inform me about boat shows, new boats, accessories and products. I subscribe to Yachting, Motorboating and Sailing, Southern Boating and Boating. Of these four, Boating is my favorite for several reasons.

First, Boating has more boat reviews than any other magazines. It tests boats of all sizes and prices, from $3,000,000 mega-yachts to 8' inflatable rafts for under $1,000. They also explain what is good and what is not good about the boat. Most magazines just tell you the positive things.

Secondly, this magazine does not just test boats. It also tests motors, accessories, such as fishfinders and radar, and equipment. In addition, Boating publishes letters from readers and devotes four pages to regular features like Seamanship and Editorials. Often, there will be reviews of books on boating and articles on trips that people have made on their boats. There may also be tips on boat buying and handling your boat in different sea conditions.

Finally, every few months, Boating publishes a test to see how much you really know about boats. This magazine even offers contests to their readers like "Boat of the Year Award," "What would you do for a boating hat?" and "Best Boat Name Award." Boating is humorous, informative and fun to read all year

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