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   "Oatmeal. Usually people think ofa mushy bowl of goo. I, however, think it is a great way tostart the day. Every morning have a nice, warm breakfast towake you up if you're one of those people who acts like amindless zombie. You can eat oatmeal fast too, which is handyif you pulled the "five more minutes" move or justoverslept and must make a mad dash for the bus.

Oatmealis very tasty and comes in many varieties. My favorites are"Maple and Brown Sugar" and "Cinnamon andSpice." There are other flavors if you don't particularlyenjoy these two.

Quaker Oats, I think, makes the bestoatmeal. They've also thought up some pretty neat additions;they now have color-changing oatmeal and oatmeal with smallfigures that "magically" appear when you add water.Another pretty cool thing is that you can save the emptypackets and send away for a free color-changingbowl.

Oatmeal tastes good when you add stuff to it,too. I like raisins or walnuts. It is filling; a bowl in themorning should keep you from getting hungry untillunch.

Another benefit of eating oatmeal is that it'sactually nutritious! Instead of having a bowl of sugary cerealthat's not good for you and will rot your teeth, you can eatoatmeal. Studies show that oatmeal reduces cholesterol and therisk of heart attacks. It's also a good source of calcium,fiber, iron and other vitamins and minerals.

Oatmeal isan excellent way to start your day every morning, I highlysuggest you try it.


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