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The Heart's Wretched Plea
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They tell me I’m not really sick; My wrists are free of cuts. That I don’t eat pills for breakfast, My wounds aren’t deep enough. They say that if I truly hurt, Then I would know as well, That depression is a giant void Where pain... (more »)
I Miss You
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I miss you With hot tears in eyes With hands up for prayers Throughout the day from sunrise It’s more than a year Since we lastly met Remembrance of that fortunate time Makes my eyes so wet In my brain, my heart, my words My thoughts... (more »)
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I really love to wake up next to you. I go into the kitchen to make food, I’m brewing coffee, making breakfast too. I’m trying not to talk about our feud, And you don’t bring it up because you care. A good-bye kiss before you go to... (more »)
Monsters Cry Tears
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Tonight there’s no rest in this lonely bed From sorrow of keeping not one soulmate Dealing with the hate, again and again To lie to myself that love’s in my fate That time will tell when I’ll save my true love Like a knight who’s... (more »)
You & Me
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I saw you today, But you're not as I remember. Your eyes no longer sparkle, You've changed since last September. You were so full of life, Yet now you are so cold. Your personality has tarnished, When you once had a heart of... (more »)
Impede, Recede, and Concede This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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My heart does not beat for you anymore. It powers down, ensuring no emotion. I dare not surrender to your poison potion, But flee from wounds which time could not restore. What a pedestal that has been set, An unyielding power coarse hands... (more »)
Love Sonnet
Since the day we met I knew me life changed, You made me happy everyday we spent. My emotions rearranged and highly Ranked. It made me realize what life meant. I spend most of my days thinking of you And the love and joy you have... (more »)
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We were so wrong, That we made it right. We slept through the day, And only talked at night. We never told the truth, We only lied. We always laughed, When we should have cried. We were never bland, We had to add spice. We were always... (more »)
Love’s Mutation This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
Release me swiftly from your red-rimmed eyes, I can't bear contrived smiles anymore. No more false greetings with your cheerful guise, Relieve your cracking façade, I implore. Sunshine-filled days and a happy semblance, Amorous gazes during... (more »)
Silent Sonnet
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The rooms echoed of your laughter today, Yet my ears are begging to hear your voice. I see the sand we stood upon that day, Where we joined the cool smooth ocean by choice. I'm waiting to hear the rush of the waves The bubbling foam and the... (more »)
My Fourteen Children
My fourteen children, how will I clothe you? When thoughts are money, how can I afford To buy ten shoes for each and still be true To all life’s fragments which I shall record? I cannot buy the universe right now. I cannot seal it with a... (more »)
Him & Him
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Commandments stone on slave-prince mountain maul Less pay rebuke from quiet burdens pained Thy new deems obsolete hath heaven call Weeping doves cast crimson, edicts inane Virtuous bride veneer exalting fifth Wed tender beguil’d hands... (more »)
Sonnet : Time
Feeble attempts to revive what’s already dead, Forgetting moments born have already died, It is this endless cycle we always dread, Time lets the blood running through be dried. Human Ignorance only paints the destination for the brochure,... (more »)
Sonnet: Deranged
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they came here and saw us for what we are a primitive race, righteous and violent they puzzled our ways for years from afar watching our game of war, they stayed silent then the time came when they could take no more they wanted to end our... (more »)
summer love sonnet
The sun like a diamond on his russet skin The smell of his cologne carried in the breeze. The dark mystery in his eyes so thin, Thanking god I came to the Florida Keys. His name is unknown to me; I have no clue. It’s importance is little, I... (more »)
High school
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Winner takes all looser takes none welcome to high school isn't this fun? The games can get hard and then they're confusing but ultimate death is the concept of loosing Back stabing fingers crossed hearts broken... (more »)
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