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Ghana to Shanghai This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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From Ghana to Shanghai We watch you every hour. Sentry’s atop buildings, Watchers in the trees. We know more about you, Then you do about yourself. We watch every pixel intently, Studying how you take a breath. We count... (more »)
Stand for Seventeen
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Someone once told me that it doesn’t hurt to die That passing is like slipping into sleep And somehow, somewhere our souls slide away Nowhere near the lonely spheres of earth Down, then up, and back to spinning birth. For how can we... (more »)
Feathers and Myself
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I saw you there when I was searching and you stood out with your long black silky feathers. At first they were weird to me but I got closer and they suited you well. I was searching for something and you became a part of it, but... (more »)
The Lenz of life
By , kirtland , OH
Looking through a camera lens is like looking through the eyes of a tiger Everything is from a new angle, life has a new existence You can take something simple and capture it Share it, change the world with it You can expose love, life, or... (more »)
By , kirtland , OH
Music, you are a way of expression A creatively framed set of rare words Your words find a direct path to my soul Music to me is like going to sleep It is an escape from reality It hits straight where it needs/ to go with me That place is... (more »)
New York
By , Bunker Hill, WV
The city that never sleeps A concrete jungle with no retreat A place for lonely souls to weep During their midnight strolls along the streets Only in New York The city so nice they named it twice As they popped a Champaign cork And... (more »)
Shakespeare Sonnet
By , San Diego, CA
  The writings of Shakespeare are still read to this date His most famous piece of work is the Romeo and Juliet love story, The characters back then did not own cars, so they were often late When the Capulets and Montagues fought... (more »)
Sonnet of Life
By , San Diego, CA
What is life when it is given no meaning? Twas it created for some unthinkable purpose? Why can our words be so demeaning? And as cows feed on scirpus A human life is given direction On a great journey our heart takes us   And as our... (more »)
A Cup of Coffee
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The start of evening begins towards rise, While gracing light on everything in reach. A machine roars, calling to normalize; Within open silence, its crying screech. The strained sobs slowly start withholding tears, With rumbles steadily... (more »)
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Anxiety is present everyday Most people don’t understand it at all They doubt you and say that there is no way Anxiety can cause you to just bawl It’s like pasta boiling in a pot Everything heats and builds up over time Bubbles are... (more »)
Hummingbirds Sing to the Dawning Sky
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Hummingbirds sing to the dawning sky, Chorusing to the rising climb. Hope and happiness persist at its high, Thanks to the everlasting summertime. Wrinkling leaves dance one last time, Straining for the bright beams to bestow just a wave... (more »)
Breaking Mirrors This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Anger roars, incessant growing chatter, Mental screaming cuts through stagnant silence, Craving peace – no, rather fiery vengeance! She’s so tired of all the useless blabber. Crystal fractures; fragments tumble, scatter... (more »)
The Beauty of Wisdom
By , Annapolis, MD
All of these lines that cross my face will speak Creases so defined will tell of my past Oh so bleak is the color in my cheek I do not know of one thing that will last Will there come a day when my soul shall rest? How harsh the burdens... (more »)
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Wind whips my wild hair. Sun shines onto my skin. Breathing in the fresh air, I look to the sky, up goes my chin. A Touch of the morning breeze. The feeling of ultimate peace. Watching the sway of the trees. I hope it will never cease.... (more »)
ignore them
By , hebron, KY
  In with a beautiful mind You touch my arms Or bring peace to us And making this a gentle place Just hold up your head Some will judge you harshly While other will pass you You have found the secrete Just ignore them... (more »)
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The evergreen of youth flows through my veins As nimble as the heartbeat in my breast, An unscathed world where I control the reins, A distant tower stands upon a crest. No longer young, the evergreen decays, The tower surges closer every... (more »)
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