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Here are the most recent sonnets:

A sonnet to Failure
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I want to write a sonnet to failure, because we’re so familiar, of course. If I look you up in a dictionary, I read my name too, as a synonym underneath. As I watch a “friend” laugh at my poems. As my page in the literary magazine is... (more »)
The Last Vacation
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I sailed home from vacation in the city To land upon a shore foreign and strange, Where blossoms burst from branches, plump and pretty, Just-painted by the vibrancies of change. With fifteen days of school left, we complain, Distracted by... (more »)
I'm already dead.
if I had only one day would I sob would I mourn in an infinite ocean of tears and have the will to lift my feeble hand and utter "goodbye"? if I had one day would I contemplate over who I'll become in that life miles and miles away what was my... (more »)
Sonnet No. (Band) Ten (Hut)
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Between the heat and shade and sun and glare: The flash of silver, brass, and rhythmic feet Has gone too long for runners still to stare As band prepares to march the downtown street. The clamor of the drums, the cadence, shouts... (more »)
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I wake up and life is great “Today’s the day. I will not hate” And then the day creeps along It’s afternoon now night won’t be here for long It’s evening now, but I’m still fine No need to... (more »)
Home: One Direction
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What do those do who have no unique home? Nothing to turn to when things ever transgress— No one there when something drives minds to roam. The minutest things, to some, may depress; Playful, meaningless jokes pierce through their soul.... (more »)
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1) Once as a child go through red leaves knock each small pile no spot of grieves. Next as a kid no care in life but to play in all dry red leaves, young age retrieves 5) don't want to grow no time for leaves I want to go play is... (more »)
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The storm, a melody of earnestness, a harmony. The rain, a steady beat. Each clap of thunder added emphasis, a symphony. Two notes waiting to meet. They’re hovering, anticipating glee. Air cracks, light falls, tracing a homeward... (more »)
The Journey Continues
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Hope and joy gleam from behind those glassed eyes. Anticipation lingers in my heart. Wonder and fun times have the time to rise. Pencils, paper, and books begin to start. Fun starts to decrease, work starts to increase. Experiences start... (more »)
Shades of Me
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I see three colors or rather I see three shades All the same but also not quite the same Two remain strong in my mind but the last one fades I’m incapable of holding on, man how lame White, black, and grey each a piece of my past as well... (more »)
a Pathetic Sonnet
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Her hair is golden, like a marigold? Oh, it will wither away… Look here! Her smile is a crescent moon? Nah, it’s too far away… And there too! Her eyes are emeralds? No, No, No, Nah, Nah, Nah! Am I so pathetic, so hesitant, another... (more »)
By , Vancouver, Columbia
Some of my friends say that we don’t belong, But others think that it was meant to be. You are the rhythm to my own heart song, And to my heart’s locket you are the key. If I were a rose, you would be my rain, Or shining sun smiling... (more »)
Time machine
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My creation has caused a lot of trouble I have worked many days to complete this But I found out that I have to stay humble After all my hard work I had to dismiss The time machine going into the future and past The government had to take... (more »)
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What now? The wide azure sky above spreads And mirrors the endless sea that paves by As the breeze lightly brushes our foreheads We gazed on deck as seagulls swoop and fly. Out from west, blankets roll across the sky Waves thrust, raindrops... (more »)
The Organist
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The organist prepares himself and the first note rings and echoes around the chapel; clings to the air like peeling bark on a witch's tree. His shaking hands torment each key and the pipes, in agony, cry out each harmonic. The audience... (more »)
Ice cream
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The cake cone cannot protect you from it The flavor is not what you expected The stickiness causes you to have a fit The line to order is long and hectic Chocolate syrup runs down your fingers Uncomfortable stick spreads everywhere The... (more »)
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