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Here are the most recent sonnets:

Golden Dreams
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In my mind, i always find, the darkest dreams, and sadest rhymes,my evil schemes, but sometimes, not always, She's there, the girl, the girl with the soft golden hair, skin so beautiful like a delicate porcelan doll, though when i approtch her... (more »)
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True Feelings Sonnet
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You truly do make my heart flutter,  especially when you catch me staring and you stare back. Whenever we talk I try not to stutter,  but you would look handsome even in a sack.   I really try my best to impress you,  I try to... (more »)
The Voyage of a Refugee
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  The moon, so bright, doth shine tonight, Your face, its light, doth catch insight You run, for fear, despite all you're sorrow, So safety, you find, until it be morrow. But whilst, the moon, remains up high, Your... (more »)
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It starts with a sinking deep in your chest A loss of breath, It’s tearing you apart its not even that you were feeling stressed First instinct is immediately dart The black closes in blurring your vision Your heart is beating a mile a... (more »)
My Dear Brother
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I am told you don’t exist, But in my dreams your face is fixed. I feel you in my heart. For how long will we stay apart? I know you’re out there. Your voice is a whisper in my ear. I long to find you. I know your heart beats too.  ... (more »)
Love at 1st sight
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I saw him standing there, at the sea bed, When he saw me, standing there, he behaved, Now that he has a girlfriend, I get red, I hate his girlfriend, who is now misbehaved. She likes to tell me what to do, but no, My crush tells her to... (more »)
Battle for Independence
There was constant fighting across the fields So many men running through the short grass Yankees fell down like knights without their shields The battle raged as many long days passed The sun rose on the fourteenth day of war The camps... (more »)
A Day to Come
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A bright star burned high in the sky above, It's ray shines down on the ground which We live, Happiness fills the day when it shines love, What will today bring what will today have?   The sky does hold the mighty rays of sun, In... (more »)
There's No Such Thing As Love At First Sight
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I feel dizzy as you walk in the room, My heart beats faster with every moment; Waiting for sparks and butterflies to bloom, Our eyes meet, yet no words have been spoken.   Words tumble ou of my mouth like a storm, The way you make... (more »)
Brewing Up a Storm
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Snake's sly venom seeps into my veins; Hairs quickly stand on the back of my spine. It feels like I'm paralyzed from the pain; This continues to happen time after time.   But thoughts are the actual murderers; They have no remorse... (more »)
The Struggle of Life
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I’m living through life in the years of ten, Where everything I do seems to be wrong. I feel as useless as a dried-out pen, And people hate me like I’m Genghis Khan. I burn down all the bridges that I make, But I mostly don’t know... (more »)
An Angel's Heart
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He bowed his head for his evening prayer he bent down on one knee – and accidently, the world beneath he did see… There he gazed upon a girl with a spirit so rare, she was seductive and sensational and beyond compare! Enticed, entranced... (more »)
The Concert
Her locks as orange as the citrus fruit, Her garments white as icy pile?d snow, With voice as tragic as Apollo’s lute, She takes the stage with stark assure?d flow. The pianist’s fingers poised in revelry Commence the lied and... (more »)
When Happiness Dies
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I look up to the sky to see dark clouds. I guess it goes perfect with my black clothes. Seeing each other can’t happen right now. You’re buried in the ground beneath my toes.   We were supposed to be husband and wife, The only... (more »)
On Zombies
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The dead and long forgot no longer sleep In peaceful silence warm with earth-bound dreams. They've risen from their quiet beds and creep And crawl, now running after vibrant screams. The dead and living take their roles and switch;... (more »)
I let you fall
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Some may say I lifted you up to high above my head and that when you came down the drop shocked you but I believed you needed the fall, even if it did fill you with dread sometimes you must feel a change to be able to see a different point... (more »)
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