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Most Recent Sonnets

Here are the most recent sonnets:

Who is the musician?
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Music, did you know that It can play you, It always makes you want to dance and sing Its echoing sounds brings life as they do ring, So, you can play it but it plays you too, Now I ask the musician is who? And so the sounds flood like a bright... (more »)
By , Toto, Guam
Shall I compare you to the wind? B- Or should I compare you to the beach sand? A- Either way, you are hard to be pinned B- You never did like to be in my hands.. C- You’re the Ocean of the earth D- Your the fire in the snow C- You come... (more »)
One life to live...
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There is one and only life for us to live. No men realize this, and y'all my people don’t live it right. Thee have nothing but fear of death and ending thy life. Lord Jesus has seen this and sight. Even he’ve left a message written by... (more »)
A beauty like yours This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Don't think I dont know a beauty like yours An allure that carries a lustful sting That pits man and brother in needless wars And brings to their knees both the gods and kings.   For its your charm that captivates men And raises... (more »)
The Night of Red
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The sky seems to bloom, A dark menacing red light, Covering the cool star bright, Bring promise to suspending doom, The deafening sound of a boom, Brings unimaginable impending plight, With in this sacred holy night, Quiet lulling... (more »)
The Joshua Project
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Cold snow reflects bright light from blue full moon. He howls loudly through the dark of the night. He runs In circles and he’s lost too soon. Now hiding all alone he waits for morning light. Quite shy but strong he leads the loyal pack.... (more »)
No other way
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Blue back and green, are the things that are unseen. he curls up against the window to look out into the sky, and forces himself to tell another lie. That he is alright, that he is ok, He is a boy and society would have it no other way. (more »)
Spoken word
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Words very bleak Arms are weak For it is truth I seek Every week The ranting I speak Everyday I want to squeal or shriek My face always shows my true emotion My soul has the true commotion The steps I take are forward motion The... (more »)
A Hellish Love
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Thine love came forth and I embraced it then Aware of its competitive unknowns Survived insaneness, I'd be dead, alone, If I'd have let all ---- resume again. Survived 'til now, t’this point, I made it when, Your... (more »)
Innoncence of Morning Sunlight
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Open eyes, light shine through bright and golden The blue walls reflect it back, warm and whole Stretch arms, let go of all that was held in But now, ready for the day to unroll Leaving the warmth and comfort so known now I take the heat... (more »)
The Time of Year (Ice Cream)
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A variety of different tastes Some simple flavors, while others crazy  Its sweet as candy you don’t want to waste Though, too many gorged make people lazy Refreshing and yummy at any time You can’t stop eating till you reach the end... (more »)
Stormy Willow
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Weeping Willow outside my window Whipping in the stormy wind Disturbing my dreamless sleep   Baby birds cry for their mother They know not she lays dead And soon they shall meet their demise   Nature's cruelty takes over... (more »)
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Oh, goodbye sweet summer, you will be missed, Autumn has come and touched us with its breeze. Crispy clear air whirled in morning mist, But we wrapped up warm from shoulder to knees.   Oh, it crunched and rustled beneath my feet, As... (more »)
Sonnet to a Wilting Life
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If I may melancholically upon In shrouded wood with dancing shadows near, Your lowly forehead wilting flower don, Lamenting failing vanquishing your fear; Malaise and passion mixing overwhelm My burning ardor towards thy suffering; It... (more »)
Impoverished Greed
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Sometimes your ghostly figure wanders here With twisted sorrow hanging from your frame, And in the road you wait for moonlight clear To glimpse a tire-track face in pools of shame.   I watch you shatter into broken glass And drag your... (more »)
Snow Caps
By , Downingtown, PA
Shining hills above the clouds observe all The cheerful valleys which are full of life. The rays bounce off the snow forming a wall. And near the base we find signs of wildlife. On top the peak, boards glide as graceful as the peaceful wind... (more »)
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