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Most Recent Sonnets

Here are the most recent sonnets:

You are my mother, I am your child. You are my quiet place, I am your wild. You are my calm face, I am your wiggle. You are my dinner, I am your chocolate cake. You are my bedtime, I am your wide awake. You are my lullaby,... (more »)
love and life
Calming the feel of smooth brushing kisses Slowly I'll come to you, Slowly I will Easy the night of eye's hungered wishes Calm are the hearts racing faster still Warm is the breath that crosses the spaces When love is the hand... (more »)
What If...?
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It's the hardest of questions to answer, Yet the easiest one to ask; It's the reason you keep on living, Yet the reason you wear that mask. It's the strangest of all the problems That trouble a person's mind; It has millions of different... (more »)
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My mind full with opinionated thoughts. Some jumbled together collectively. Should they escape, they may be good for naught. So they must be chosen selectively. I am encouraged to think as I please. Yet the challenge is to watch what I say.... (more »)
The Long Road
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No one talks about the grey in the world, or how it always strays from black and white The way it travels through thoughts like a breeze How it’s blurry like a steam covered word No one remembers those who dared to flee; those who... (more »)
Happily Ever After
He stopped her before she could even jump. All of her thoughts swarming, drowning her head. “Why stop me?” she asked and sat in a slump. “If you go, then I’ll be the next seen dead.” She pecked him on the cheek and walked away.... (more »)
Dead Poet's Society
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Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Two paths diverged in a yellow wood. NO WAY! I think you’re just a little misunderstood! Oh Captain My Captain! I hear America singing, the varied carols I hear. Take a break Walt go to... (more »)
After Some Time
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Let me not forget all of our mistakes Remember the reasons that we parted Maybe that will dispel the stupid ache Or worse I will be left a heart hardened You’re the stupid healthy green in the leaves The little chirping birds in the... (more »)
A Weary Lullaby
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By dancing brooke, wait for dawn to cast thine sight. By field of stones and bladed meadow, wait for dawn to cast thine sight. By darkened night and glistening Astros, wait for dawn to cast thine sight. Sleep steady now, sleep the nocturnal day,... (more »)
Oh the good old days feel so far away, The shrieks of joy and cries full of laughter. But the children have grown and gone astray, I've run out of people to look after. Oh how wonderful was my loving wife, We'd dream of finally going to... (more »)
Silver Lining
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Lie after lie I've heard, And I let myself get hurt. Though I've been knocked down I get back up. Lifting my eyes to the cloudy sky, I look to a brighter day. The world is cruel, I already know, Storms are bound to come. But I don't have to be... (more »)
I Hate Math
Pythagorean Theorems have killed me. I cannot look at pie without crying. Math has made me crazy, don't you agree? I dropped math class this year, I am dying.   I count tears on my fingers like numbers, and... (more »)
Clinging to Conformity
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Should one never want to expand their mind, or venture out of comforted shelter? There are those who are ignorant and blind, flat, uninteresting; without texture. They seek uniformity as it brings a sense of closure and safety to them.... (more »)
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Autumn is falling under winter’s spell. Leaves begin to lose their lively color, falling to the ground, bidding a farewell. Winter’s coming: day’s shorter, hopes smaller. Summer trees grasp fall’s leaves, “Don’t go,” they say,... (more »)
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Her eyes twinkle like stars on summer nights, green as grass on rolling hills and fields. The days, she fills with summer sun and lights; frigid storms and chilly winds she shields. The sun, confident in its hot pursuit, inspiring pleasure,... (more »)
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She does live between winter and summer: rainy, not snowy, nor sunny and bright. Dark clouds fill the sky, chiller and dumber, but behind them, the sun, beaming with light. Springtime is an escape from harsh winter, though the storms make... (more »)
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