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Most Recent Sonnets

Here are the most recent sonnets:

She is A
She is Ayan, known as A With dreams that seem to stay Thoughts that overflow And seems to have more A girl that makes it far To only one day touch a star With ambitions and goals For only a happy soul The past is the past For she knows it wont... (more »)
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Oh, if I had wings like a dove, Then I could fly to the sky above! Not a care would cloud my mind; All my worries I would leave behind. If I had wings like a dove, Then I would fly to heaven above! I would sing with the angels; Loosen my mind from... (more »)
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Standing with one foot on the train platform The other dangling ove the tracks Scared not knowing how to deal with the storm Broken and bruised from all the attacks   Across the tracks he is standing right there Beckoning you... (more »)
My Beautiful Lime
I walk through the door of the loud pet store, White, black, spotted puppies look through the glass, I see a happy good dog I adore, Other sad eyed dogs watch me as I pass, She looks at me with her small bright black eyes, I tap the glass... (more »)
Sad sonnet for a lonely guy
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I once had a beer With a guy whom was crying He said that he forgot love And that maybe he was dying I said that to the girl that I love But she didn't care about it She only said weird things About this world that I don't fit The kids... (more »)
The Showers
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The light of stars burns bright through splintered wood As shoeless feet reach down to touch the floor While jostled to and fro towards the rain. The whistles sound and guards herd those misplaced. The stripes of those behind and those ahead... (more »)
Life of the Forest
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One could feel insignificant in this place overlooking the serene beauty, warmed by the grace, amongst the trees, you are free to bask in nature’s embrace. Walk along the waters, not far from the green, stand at the edge of the... (more »)
An Alluring Heartbreak
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Flamed sparks of love soar to a lasting cloud Sparking, combusting, driving pure to sin Obliterating a connect once laud Water's cleanly prowess to purify lewd skin Contrite actions lead to a timely break Infatuation through time leads... (more »)
Me, Myself and I
I walk through the woods with everything on my back Trying to find who I will be Keeping sight of the pack But I veer of course so I am free I stop by lake to fish for food Thinking about the wonders of fish Being tricky to catch... (more »)
When I Find You, Brother
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I will protect you. You know that is true. We’ll make memories that will  last forever They’ll be full of smiles, joy and laughter. I will hold you tight. And help you with what is right. For a long time we wait. I hope it is not... (more »)
From the Shore to the Sea
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You sweep along the particles of me That long to be in your complete embrace Indeed, your waves' magniloquence is free Perspicuous is your undying grace   At first you kiss me once, then kiss me twice All while you... (more »)
The Them Vs. Us Mentality ("I'm Here...
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Lies and slander are thrown from the rooftops! Like waterballoons onto girls below! They cry out, "Save us!" but it doesn't stop! Save yourselves now as their answer is, "No!"   Forced enthusiasm like cheerleaders! For whatever... (more »)
My Inner Thoughts
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One scorching hot summer day, I was walking to my safe haven. This is a place in which I have always gone, it's kinda like a bay. Just to get away from everything bad in life, though it has not savin me. The small things that are like an... (more »)
A City's Offer
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The marine sky has never met its end; Must paradise be otherwise condemned? Soaring through each country’s treasures I feel The rustling roots revolt against relent, And with the soles of my feet their eyes mend; Taciturn walls hand me... (more »)
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Little bird singing in the tree Won't you send a message for me? To a place far from here- But in my heart is always near. Someone is moving on- With new people to rest upon. Sweet bird so fast and sure- Your kindness is something so pure. Take... (more »)
Who Cries For Me
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Finding out the good news and knowing what could of been Who cries for the mom that I could of been Watching him grow and listening close Never thought of Motherhood until I heard you were inside OMG, I had a baby boy growing inside... (more »)
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