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Most Recent Sonnets

Here are the most recent sonnets:

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Together I've seen em' At the museum  He's checking picasso She rollin' her eyes slow You know about Van Gogh She knows about Gucci  I know how the world go You resemble a star  I just wonder how that works though Remember... (more »)
A Simple Servant This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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A simple servant in my fist A royal goddess of the words I think, Equally adept at words’ removal and seeking my mind’s approval. Erases all the struggles and scribbles I make, Graceful sweeps, twirling gently like a... (more »)
To Find a Brother; To Find a King
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How came thy faithless flight, O Athllyn’s heir? Why leave thy sister here, O brother mine? Here is thy home; far Raeglen is not thine. So why doth their king have thy fervent care? With home behind, I followed in thy err. For when the... (more »)
By , Bradley, OK
I am not what I'm appearing to be My face showing smiles masking everything I am hiding in my own reality I have forced myself to believe anything Because the real world causes my nightmares Everything is starting to become dark I'm... (more »)
Outside the Door
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How will you breathe if the world you’ve made has no trees? Or live, if you’ve pushed away all there is to see, Out of fear, when in truth pain can be felt only right here, Buried deep within, it is only in your reach. You wish to efface... (more »)
Plane Rides
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Wake up in a hurry, it's 5 a.m. Pressure and stress when your flight leaves in 10 Sure enough, you're stuck at security in that darn, long line 5 minutes left! You tell yourself you'll be fine No fear though, you did run, you did sprint... (more »)
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When the Pen Cracks
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When it is my turn to speak I’m not heard When I write my pen shatters and crumbles. Silence soars in my life like a black bird. As I try to voice myself I stumble. Silence wraps itself in utter darkness. Dragging me with it to... (more »)
Church hymns as my lullabys
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Okay, just please, shut up, I've been aware Don't say you'll pray for me, leave it alone Put down your bible, and please stop your stare. Don't preach-I want to reap what I have sown. Maybe to you I am satan himself I'm sorry to you that... (more »)
Sonnet 18b
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Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more irksome and more blistering: Kind Zephyrs breathe to brush the sweat away, And stir the trees, again full-maned, to sing: Sometime a cloud o’ergoes the tyrant sun, And reigns in... (more »)
Forbidden Love
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So,on my bed I lay,remniscing: In the king's castle a fair lady I met, We exchanged glances,I was wandering In the blue sea of her eyes.My quartet Of fingers pleased her cheek,a smile I gained. My lips capered across her neck,her skin... (more »)
True Beauty
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You look in the mirror and criticize your skin Do you know that true beauty lies within?   You don't like your weight, your height, the pimples on your face The sound the violin makes is more important than the case   You don't... (more »)
I Would Like To Hear I Have A Nice Laugh
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I would like to hear that I have a nice laugh Or smile Anything but my style. When you're around with me Everything about me disappears. What about my voice? And the words that nobody hears.   Thunder theft But without... (more »)
A date with death
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Hiding my nerves, asked for a high school dance A single rose falls from my hand to stone A lousy dream; I didn't have a chance I swallow tears, I will not be alone Now time has passed, but I'm still in denial A garden shine-I'm not hung... (more »)
Wary yet unaware.
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A skirt is torn, self belts become restraints. A painful reminder, grows inside her. An artist's heart, her arms a razor a paints. Child from him is what she must concur. An infant's cries silenced; mother to blame. Her father to the boy... (more »)
Lost Love
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Why is it so hard to love when you lost? Someone who was special, who held your heart. You lose them your soul ices over, frost. Hard to bear the pain of being apart. That warm feeling of being loved is gone. An unsettling chill sets in... (more »)
Beautiful anger
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Dark clouds of rain roll into open sea Harsh Winds; they whistle through the flowered boughs Sunlight encaged in cloud, no longer free The storm with raging waves, chaos does rouse.   Stained glass of saintly windows shatters down It... (more »)
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