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Here are the most recent sonnets:

3 a.m. This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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If the cry of midnight is but A shadow in your rearview mirror, slowly Tiptoeing across a distant horizon Folding itself between the stars If hazy figures fill your mind, if they Dance on the windshield of your thoughts Waltzing to tunes... (more »)
Love Letter #17
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He whispered into his paper, that if Eyes were the windows to the soul then Light danced off her gaily colored panes and Illuminated the shadows of her countenance. That the most dulcet of roses Gossamer petals dripping with beauty Would... (more »)
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Oh, see ashes, ashes we all fall down, Those saddened tears dripping from toe to crown, A heart of magnificent dreams we seek, The danger of giving up, makes us weak. So we slowly ring around the rosie, With our pockets full of deadly... (more »)
Falling Into The World
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Using secret keys To unlock the doors No one else can see Leading to a world That spins a little differently   Like Alice in the looking glass Feeling lost, a little dazed When did the moon shine like brass? Where is the time ticking... (more »)
story of a ruin
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There was a wild sunrise, the day she let it burn- She'd watch destruction, like some people watch TV- and now, her turn- such strange, such sad, sad stories are nestled in the trees- she wanted to be a leaf, and so she sat there on her knees... (more »)
Something Only Ceilings Can Hear
By , Moultrie, GA
Among us, desolate mirrors and an acknowledging greyness of cloudy haze, crystal balls we look into and can't decipher, or rather, choose not to mention now. This shimmering sawdust, again forgets how to become human. This soft laugh loses... (more »)
In your head
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You hear the voices all day long But they're only in your head They only sing one horrid song The one that you will dread   As you walk through the hall You only have one friend Then all at once there is a lull As you go around... (more »)
Pillars of White This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I looked upon the brilliant mounds of white, Whose slopes and peaks tower’d into space so high, And blankets cover lands so still and bright, Where no one thrives or even passes by. The sun, it shines upon these frozen hills, But in this... (more »)
a Human Being...not a Heartless Machine
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I can force a laughter. I can fake a smile. I can hold it all together. Even for more than a while.   I can pretend and play the part. Silently screaming inside. Hiding the pain in my heart. So the worry won't occur your mind.... (more »)
The Land of Goodiness
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The fruits of your life are harvested in the land of goodiness. A place where no one feels the need to lie. It is a land where not even Ebenezer Scrooge is in a state of moodiness. This magical place is high up in the sky.   There is... (more »)
SSS Sucks
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N’s and M’s, P’s and Q’s, V’s and W’s Identical twins, no difference do I see Letters hide in neighboring words “Stop it!” I beg “Enough!” Their vanishing act a bitter mockery Frustration boils inside me The page is too... (more »)
A Great Loss
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There she sits in her room. No one cares to ask what's wrong. All by herself diving in the gloom. Wondering why it's taken so long. Her mom should show up with a balloon.   Barely seven years old. She felt something's not... (more »)
Lost Last
To my friend’s funeral, I never went. But sometimes I like to sit back and think, He will never get the letter I sent, He will never see how tears bled the ink.   Now, never will he smile or write again Now, never will he... (more »)
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Life Without Him
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Life without him… Are like breeze flowing on and on, Flowing through obstacles, With a deepened sigh And a determination of never knowing its end.   Life without him… Are like days passing by, like the ocean waves. Staring... (more »)
Where Parallel Lines Meet
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We used to be two parallel lines who were fated not to meet,         traveling in straight paths alongside one another, not to meet.   We would travel in the same direction and at the same speed, but distance was always... (more »)
O Math
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Letters, numbers, shapes of all kinds Always a problem for me to solve How I hate you more than window blinds Please fall into a pit of acid and dissolve   When I am with you, my brain hurts I see you everywhere I turn Jokes about... (more »)
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