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Most Recent Sonnets

Here are the most recent sonnets:

Envy This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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I wish your presence didn’t make me regret mine I wish your pedestal wasn’t so tall I wish your trophies would dim your shine I wish your reality was more than what I saw I wish you were more than a glue stick creation... (more »)
Incomplete Graffiti This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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I stop on the corner of every street I smell you in my backyard trees and around the halls of that empty place we would meet I see your face on every billboard found the wind cries your name and the rain does too your complexion in... (more »)
Sacrifice of Vengeance
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Flooding in are the waves, As soldiers fall and let out wails. As I stand and wait for those who were saved, Cannons explode to my utmost displease. I get a letter instead of a hug, My brother’s hands shouldn’t have been... (more »)
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Between the cheats, I found your honesty Despite my impatience, we arrived late We ran into a nightmare coated in cream Balancing on a narrow beam you screamed   You smiled holding onto humanity As terrified as it made me I grinned... (more »)
A Sonnet to Darkness
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Complete opposites, yet so much alike Without the other, we'd not be living At the end of each day, you take your strike To stop the light that I've been giving Still I await your frigid arrival To see you before I depart again The... (more »)
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I'm alone, but it's not only me. I'm a mess, that's organized to a tee. I can't fly, Even though my wings are spread. I'm alive, even though i feel dead. (more »)
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Trees blow to mask secret, unwanted talk. Hiding voices as deadly as hemlock. Mysteries of the world, never to solve. Trees know only truth, later to evolve. Terrified to speak the same words they hear. Soft wind to make the cruel talk... (more »)
Power of Society
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Society, groups people of all kind Wealthy are adored and are the prime Destitute ones are not seen, almost blind Youth love the wealthy and lose track of time Becoming rich is a huge obsession A child wants to be the best, to be free... (more »)
A Seasonal Sonnet
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A shimmery blue sky meets an icy blue lake, And between them, white trees sway with snow. Frozen crystals reveal white rabbits. The glow Of the sun warms the back of the ice. Make No mistake to carve with precision and take Ice to sell.... (more »)
Like Dust
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Such repetitive monotony I stare at the ceiling And yet possibly I see all of humanity We share the same existence, sedentary All that I am now feeling How elementary Grey-ness and grey-ity Another moment, wasted in a hush Death feels... (more »)
By , Melbourne, Australia
Silver clatter upon my golden orb, While outside air is torn. Calm in plush surrounds, As icy breath is drawn. Rivulets on waxen veins, As pale fibres drink skin’s tears. Brow of the horizon, Bears wild, darkened smears. Golden orb... (more »)
Broken Girls Bleed Flowers
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My veins are cracking, petals seeping out White daisies growing from my broken skin Deep, red staining petals, praying for a drought Bones are crumbling at the touch, wearing way too thin   But this is what you told me When I was... (more »)
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The Awakening of Summer
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Upon the barren earth life sprouts anew And the thawing marks the demise of frost In its place tumultuous storm clouds brew And the early setting sun is thus lost. The new season has set its promised course As infant buds fold into vivid... (more »)
Moonlight's Gaze
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Mysterious moon so bright Watching from up above in the dead of night You shine your bright light So we can have sight Your comforting gaze Brings my mind to a slight haze At night we go walking Away from all the mocking Above is where... (more »)
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The tides of stress seem to rise with the moon, and choppy ocean waters crash against the wall. On this fateful evening in early stormy June, the tidal wave of bedtime starts the nightly brawl.   Thirst, hunger, and fear coincidentally... (more »)
Shattered Hearts
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Shattered Heart The pain seems to tear you apart Tears fill your soft eyes As those who hurt you tell many lies Pieces of shattered love Once held the innocence of a wild dove Rain falls down mirroring your tears As you try to run from... (more »)
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