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Most Recent Sonnets

Here are the most recent sonnets:

Hanson's Symphony
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She's helping calmly to cheer up those nearby. She's anxious, shy, but always faithful friend. Soprano voice soothes beautiful, sings high, Emotions cheering, caring 'til the end. The tones she makes support through thick and... (more »)
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I walked away from something so perfect. I was stupid, a coward, not thinking straight. Little did I know my heart would be wrecked, And I would lose my best friend, my teammate. I look back on all of our memories Think to myself, Look how far... (more »)
The Tank
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Arriving at your home you were confused, And after all these years, were finally safe, Before us, you were taken and abused, It took you a while for you to trust your fate, At night you snore and take up all the space, I finally leave the... (more »)
Hidden in the Smoke
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They sit and talk for hours Young love is very pure. Both have deeply fallen without escape or cure.   The beauty of this love is in a constant state. A state of hugs and kisses a state of constant dates.   Your lucky if... (more »)
He Who Dwells Within You
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Who am I? You've asked before and yet you've seen me still. You see me here and see me there yet all you see is thrill.   I am he, he who fights when all that's seen is loss I'm the one who stands for truth against the man or... (more »)
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If pleased themselves, others, they think, delight Teaching them thus to use it in the fight, A loss in love that touches me more nearly. And yet it may be said I loved her dearly; How she came stealing to the wayward boy! For Helen's rape... (more »)
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  You’re stuck in ancient days of insolence. I think you’ll be forever in that time, Your views are full of hate and ignorance. But love is love, you need to change your mind. Hypocrisy is all you ever knew, That... (more »)
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Thy wretched wife mistook the matter so, For love can comment upon every woe. And being low never relieved by any. For misery is trodden on by many,   The life of purity, the supreme fair,  A thousand lamentable objects there,... (more »)
The Gallows
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The sun's rays beat down on my face a final time; As i walk to my death the rattling of chains is all I hear; Walking to my death to answer for all of my crimes; Coming to realize my reality and that there is nothing to fear;   I... (more »)
Favorite Island
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I fly to the island across the sea. Beautiful blue waters enter my dreams. The plane soars high as I watch under me. My wonderful sun always shining her beams. White sand sprinkles between my small feet. A golden tan covers my head to toe.... (more »)
Lady in the Courtyard
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Before the night has dripped away like ink, Before the sun trumpets into the sky, A Lady fair and gorgeous to my eye Arrives in the courtyard and stops to think. The wind blusters her hair and dress in sync. I fall in love with every breath... (more »)
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A smile is a thousand words bundled into a sweet hello, A laugh is an attractive way of showing I know. A tear streaming down my face shows you that I care, What are some other feelings you'd like me to share? (more »)
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Imperfect Reflections
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I knew you must be broken from the start, A part of me could tell you were not whole, Your eyes held pieces of a shattered heart, This unforgiving world has taken toll, A shattered mind is nothing for the weak. Reflecting on a past of... (more »)
To a Lovers Heart
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TO a lover’s heart, That’s so soft and sweet. Who would do anything for her other half, To make their life complete To a mother’s love, That's caring and gentle Who holds her baby closely by, As they sit without... (more »)
An Angel from Heaven
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An angel from heaven is sent to earth, And millions more were watching her birth. From the day that she was given to the world, Her imagination was always in a swirl. She dreamed of a better place, Then this planet that’s filled with... (more »)
To A Birthday Girl
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For her loud, genuine, contagious laugh, For her heartfelt remarks and nimble craft; Those unwelcome and pleasant days did pass, Our shared moments flawlessly photographed. I deem her lovely as a summer’s day, Though temperate as would be... (more »)
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