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Most Recent Sonnets

Here are the most recent sonnets:

The judgememt day
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Dark and deadly, Soft and sharp, He comes when you are least ready. And no escape's possible, no matter who you are. He is a spectrial being, And his prescence is all you dread. When he claims you, you have no idea what you're... (more »)
Ode to the Gloom of Day
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A gloomed sky drifts above my head, Dreariness hangs through in the air, Ravens caw; flying about with such unrest, I look upon the graves here and there. The beauty of death no other can fathom, I see much more in higher of worlds, Many... (more »)
  His eyes are like the color of the sea. So bright and blue it makes me want to melt. I with that I could show him how I felt. His smile is as perfect as it can be.   Cupid has put an arrow in my chest. We went... (more »)
Life of a Broken Heart
  It’s funny how someone can break your heart. A muscle is something that cannot break. But as I’m here with tears all down my face. Not knowing if you should just fall apart, or just stand there and accept the... (more »)
Faintest Flames This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Faintest flames climbing the sky, Wisps of clouds breathlessly fly. Stretched and pulled like a rubber band, In the midst of this I stand. On the bridge, above still seas, I crouch down slowly on my knees. My fingers run through water... (more »)
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An acid tear rolls down my cheek I feel it burn my skin My shout is rather meek as it peels away my chin More tears roll down my face Three tears from either side They turn my cheeks to lace and split my lips open wide I wonder for a... (more »)
A Cold Winter’s Night
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The ground is frozen, lonely, and the sky is dull and gray; the birds no longer sing their songs or chirp, I seldom see them fly past anymore; the holiday sounds ring And the songs play as music fills the room But I look out the window and... (more »)
Growing Up
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The flowers are growing and are in bloom Sprouting from seed to a very tall plant Just as a baby grows in it’s Mom’s womb Feelings that some may feel but others can’t The caterpillar crawls along the tree Makes a cocoon and waits to... (more »)
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the bittersweet memories flood my mind the way you looked at me the way you smiled i do everything i can to push away the pain take another shot cut a little deeper in a trance, i drift to simpler days when nothing mattered mud on my... (more »)
Trip to the Past
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A journey through times within one's own mind; A past remembered, not a bit ignored. Happiness, sorrow, tears and farewells. Kind And mean people, so life was never bored. Go forward and life gets tougher, it’s true. But looking around,... (more »)
The Mask
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The mask I wear has many cracks in it It reveals my permanent frown always Nobody knows that I daily wear it It's beginning to crack with passing days Along with my life, everything crumbles Family, "friends", the truth is too painful No energy... (more »)
Friday Nights
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The lines on the field are painted a bright white. I see the sun set slowly behind the goal post. My eyes are blinded by the electric light. At games we go all out and do the most. I can hear the sizzle and pop of greasy concession stand... (more »)
The price of lies
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It was a small lie that began what seemed Never ending love for just him and me A lie made me princess to prince I dreamed Worlds of heaven I could finally see Glowing hearts and beating souls, we loved with love So clean and bright, I... (more »)
We Fly Away
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I grew up in the dark seperated from the light It has left an evil mark an image I try to fight   I'd sit out in the rain shedding all of my tears Feeling all of the pain wishing for no more fears   I grew wings and flew... (more »)
The Anachronism
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Why must I be awakened now, To be a flake amongst grains of sand, To slowly melt, but ne’er to bow, And make all this desert life a stand? Thus rising from a sun-bathed bed, To be summer’s last breath in this land, Which cast in... (more »)
Sonnet: Mortal Egotism
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It seems the heaven’s elements did quake Before I left, a hasty verdict reached For earthly rot most certainly did ache And thus, eternal Arms I fast beseeched. In everlasting kingdoms may You reign! Your artistry transcends the strain... (more »)
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