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Most Recent Sonnets

Here are the most recent sonnets:

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Books are tremendous objects Old but elementary They have stories in the text Sending us to fantasies They’re found in many cultures Each written in different ways No matter how they're structured All of them are highly praised Books... (more »)
Feeling Loved
By , Dededo, Guam
It is strange that everyone dream for love. Hoping they will find their own love story. It is already written by God, above. With laughter and tears some sad and glory. It’s difficult at first, but it takes time. It’s like Math,... (more »)
Why I Lift
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To me, it was never just lifting, It was beyond the ironclad weight. Those long days listening to music and jamming That went far into the night and late People admire my dedication and hard work, But there’s a lot more to the process... (more »)
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Darling when we met; the stars smiled at us. Meeting you has been a treat my darling. Loving you darling became effortless. Our love grew as if a flower blooming. Time moved faster as we passed our prime. Darling our time together almost... (more »)
This is my life, so beautiful and sad 01
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Thump-thump, thump-thump my hearts beats in rhythm, Silently I erect walls around it. My heart is to break once more, a system, I find ways to cope, sing, crochet or knit. Just like Ledisi, I know you hate me, And I know that the answer... (more »)
Rainy days
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Rainy days stormy nights, Sarcasm at such delight, Emotions are as such beautiful yet untouched, Snow and sleet cold as can be, As my heart a mystery, Crops uprooted as my art, Too tired to restart, Unfilled soil incomplete , Flowers... (more »)
night of the heartbreaks
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The night cool the weather clear, Dark yet mysterious, Love and never tell, He thinks this is serious, Like a wish in a well, I was told to keep my enemies closer, that's what i?l do, Because i need closure , Heartache not broken, Close... (more »)
The Shooting
By , El Paso, TX
One guy and one lady, skinny and stout, They yell at each other, I don’t know what it’s about. I go into a store, and as I go through the door, Everyone gets down, down to the floor. It’s dark and it’s cold, in the middle of the... (more »)
He walks along the sandy bank confused Within his soul an inner search for peace He feels his flames of youth have now diffused Replaced by drinking as his soul retreats He's not alone, for sev’ral men attempt To... (more »)
This time
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This time I won’t fall. I swear i’ll move on. I’ll stand up from my crawl. I’ll write my own song. Walking and then running Around in circle I go Shaming me and shunning I have to leave on my own. But I did come back, I... (more »)
Weapon of Mass Distraction
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Majority of the world uses me, It's sad how people need me to function. I blind people from the reality, I actually cause great destruction. Some people use me to harass others, Then they blame me for the cause of great pain. But... (more »)
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    Ponder the pieces of this broken life; so nothing yet everything. Life must be broken to be glued together. Malevolent cycle of humanity, Irrelevant pedal of insanity creation of new things Imitation is... (more »)
Your Love
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When we first met in class I gave a grin. I would crack jokes for you to see a sign. Your laugh was soft like a palm in the wind, and when we talked I felt the stars align.   When we would talk, I found it hard to speak; your eyes... (more »)
A Man Sat Alone in a Bar
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A man sat alone in a bar Drinking his whisky on ice When up walked a girl from afar Who smelled of cinnamon and spice Quietly he stared into his cup Knowing her love would be a win He puffed his chest, wished for luck Then turned and gave... (more »)
Mother Nature This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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  1 Rabid claws all mighty hunt in the woods, Sting cling great pain scavenge within the air, Stomp, chomp, she takes lives even childhood, As long as she survives, she does not care. 5 Change and hide she always goes... (more »)
Stablemen and Blinds
By , Abington, MA
They in the chair have quite a few degrees; a fancy desk, a shimmering plaque. With these degrees we are convinced to Trust them with our secrets, to see our cracks. A slip to sign, a prescription to fill. Giving note after note to ensure... (more »)
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