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Most Recent Sonnets

Here are the most recent sonnets:

Lost Girl on Sunday This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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I cannot come up with a thing to write. I'm full of hot wings, Pop-tarts, nicotine. I've had too much caffeine, too late tonight and my head aches from all the Broncos' screams. My brain would rather plan tomorrow's snacks, which sweater,... (more »)
The World for the First Time This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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swirling clouds sliding over the ozone diamond light dancing on tall robust trees sparkling dewdrops sleeping soundly on cloves flaming leaves finally exhale and dream moss swaying like seaweed on ocean floors ballerina trees moving... (more »)
A love so dear
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I constantly feel like flying to sea The fact that you’re not here with me I’m sick If only my wings would spread farther to be My life is very perplexing cause your wick Our love is as old as the hill on streets There’s a thin... (more »)
Through Hell or Snow
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Stories hidden. Stories shown We've been hurt before but now we're grown. We try to let it go, but it will forever show. God has given us this light so we have to let it glow. Not many people realize the way our words flow. I want... (more »)
Does She Care?
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She walks down the street with elegance While others stumble and fall, she stands tall She looks around her and give us a glance Her glance makes us all feel extremely small We tried to defend ourselves with all our might But when she did... (more »)
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The lost necklace
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One day I was like a Smart detective. I had lost something that I had treasured. All things people did were all affective. It seemed to me that all things were measured. I was desperate that I would kill. I was like an alien searching for it.... (more »)
A Special Bear
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I fell in love with a bear named Haven. She is Carmen Electra, my lil baye. When she is not around I be cravin’ Her to tell her about my day. She helps me think when I have a problem. I just tell her what is pestering me And rub her fur... (more »)
My Prize
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My Prize : Staring into your eyes, I see beauty, of a thousand bright blue sky's. Searching the depths of your soul. I see a queen, shining brighter then the burning sol. Following your example, I see all of life's dreams are... (more »)
My Theatre Award
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Mr. Morales always used to say, "Acting is Reacting," and it was so, During each many millions a play, We followed this creed to better our show; This little trinket I earned with service, Part of the Thespian Society, Only for... (more »)
Drunk In Love
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When I bought my first pair of Ewing’s shoes I felt an affection with the style that I seen Tons of people said that I look very very clean People asked where I got them, only gave them clues They couldn’t find the shoes and didn’t know... (more »)
Hopeless heart
Curls bounce with every single step she takes, Her beautiful face is so breathtaking , The danger ahead as my world she shakes, Don’t let my poor hopeless heart start braking, She’s natural and I’m so affected, It’s obvious what she... (more »)
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I stand on the hill alone My eyes see only death and suffering My strength runs from my Pride. My shield, is from the pain I have gained, but the pain has made me stronger And pain will continue to make me stronger.... (more »)
Here I Stand
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Here I stand in the golden hours Waves crash and people talk and laugh The colorful sky and beautiful flowers As beautiful as this, nothing would even be half Here I stand with leaves at my feet Rays of sunlight pass through trees Bare... (more »)
Love in Me
Shall I compare thee to a summer day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate. The sun shone a beam of ray. As I am on top of Mt. Everest. It is cold and snowy. Up here, there is not much of Oxygen. I have my jacket on so it's cozy.... (more »)
One Love Never Meant to be Heard
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She never ever wanted to tell them Stupid investigator got hired Girlfriend’s mom suspected from the despair Knowing the truth was highly required Her parents found out what was going on Crying and screaming they did all day long... (more »)
Fried Chicken
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Fried Chicken is delicious Crispy, tender, perfectly cooked Smothered in ketchup With a side of bliss Crispy, tender, perfectly cooked On a cool summer night With a side of bliss Calories and cholesterol, I don’t care! On a cool... (more »)
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