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Most Recent Sonnets

Here are the most recent sonnets:

Know You Not All
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Lids fall and close gently over light eyes As bright as the sun, as dark as the night. Eyes that know all, hold knowledge that dies They shrivel and blacken, suffering blight. For they realized not how I satiated Upon their master’s... (more »)
The Unspoken Truth
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Pine eyes, that fall upon me and my own, Pouring, in a flood, desire and sorrow, Which, through a stare, fall straight into my heart. Red, this passion mine, red my eyes with tears... Running down my cheeks, smooth and unbroken, Such that... (more »)
My Love for Sweets
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A sonnet for my nice, lovely sweets Sweeter than the birds that tweet You are my love, my life Because of you I have no strife With frosting so white And brighter than any light My sweets, my love I adore you like little doves... (more »)
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We’re like the fine sewing by witches’ hands? And crumbles like cornbread when mistaken. Although seen can overlook as tax plans. Bitterness, pleasure from me is taken. Someday having pleasure will whip its tail. Breaking bonds as we... (more »)
The American Dream
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Freedom for all people, Equality for every race, Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, Happy smiles on every face. “This is the American Dream.” At least that’s what they say. Poverty-stricken streets, Children with homes... (more »)
Impasse or End?
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You think it'll get better? No! You'll be here forever! You think it will be okay? Well, certainly not today! In fact, It will never be that way. You Always say what you need to say. But no one wants to hear the truth all day! So... (more »)
The End
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Found me out, in my home Tried to fight, all alone. In the end, decided to run. By myself? Not much fun...   Wandered off, lost my way Locked myself up. Afraid to say, To the girl, how I feel. My failed plan? Her heart to steal.... (more »)
Symbol of Self-Destruction
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I would often times, find myself looking back at you And that doesn't change, no matter what I do. I cannot stop myself from dreaming What is no longer mine you are now stealing.   To think as I do, when around you, would lead to my... (more »)
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Role the dice flip a coin the choice is yours but please choose right   Left is good but right is better influence you, I would never   It's up to you but listen to me it's your life but you're far from free  ... (more »)
My Own Insanity
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I open my eyes into a brand new World that I see with my own eyes for the First time, I love the sky that is so blue Oh how I wish it were real like the trees I feel as if I have the King of Spades In my hand, I look on with a face like... (more »)
Coming In
You never knock, just barging in on my space, I just turn around and walk away But it hurts me to see you scream and cry Turn around to see, maybe I can try But often it’s useless because you just Leave, making me seem like the bad guy in... (more »)
Firecracker Eyes This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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My silent head I cannot calm, Its despairing skies are pierced with light Though your marvellous eyes only ever brought harm Your gaze swallows me, I put up no fight I was always empty, unsure how to feel, You never grew peace in my... (more »)
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There are voices Inside my head. They affect my choices, Or what I've said. They speak out loud And they keep on going. They drape my mind in a darkened shroud. These voices I hear, they're mighty... (more »)
  When they proposed I write about love I immediately thought about you with your splendid smile that shines above all others, with your obsessions that define you I love you with your virtues and your flaws I love the way... (more »)
The Blonde Comet
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In times when darkness plagued my mind and soul, I wanted power, wealth, and hell to burn. A magic brought her down and shook the whole. Her sheen so strong, the stars may feel concern. My sight is thanks to grace she brought. The... (more »)
Love Life
My sweet she is the beating of my heart My destination, route, my wind and sail My thirst and Fount of Youth and Holy Grail A vibrant, vivid, vital work of art If anything dare try tear us apart I’ll fight for her until my last inhale... (more »)
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