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Most Recent Sonnets

Here are the most recent sonnets:

By , Hoffman Estates, IL
Sitting on the bed, lonely and so hurt Crying for hours at a time, no air Drowning in my tears, going through my shirt How could I be so dumb? Now I can’t bare. Hole in my heart, I thought you really cared I fell for your smile, and gave... (more »)
Multiplicity of Mind
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A mostly used pen has run dry on ink Haphazardly spilled nearby the blank page. A falsely drawn smirk has begun to sink Defiantly left undone past old age. A newly found joy has worn out so soon Perplexingly lost without mark or sign. A... (more »)
Distant By The Shore
After Sandy, my house had been ruined. Windows broken like a young heart. My sailboat planted here marooned. Gliding across the waves is a pure art. Upon the distance, I see a mansion. Elusive as a phantom it shines bright. Time now for... (more »)
The Last Scene
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He lays there so still and so beautiful and upon his finger a wedding band and after death he will remain youthful empty saucer of poison in his hand I long to be with him, death due us part happy dagger, perhaps it shall not be long... (more »)
Diverse Relations
Abandoned anchors on a sandy beach. A sun glistening on the pure iron. The immaculate blue sky is in reach. Waves ripple and crawl upward like spiders. Full of passion and venom, the hand wakes. Vibrant plus diverse, it’s multicolor. A... (more »)
The Janitor
We see the janitor sweep up the floor His moustache grey and wrinkles on his face He turns the handle on the closet door And then he walks into his own small place  This is a man who everyone ignores They barely even see him as a man He... (more »)
Ladies, ladies, will you all please calm down! There is enough of this God to go ‘round. I know I’m the best looking guy in town, But I’ve got to keep this face safe and sound. I may have the look of Ryan Gosling, And a body... (more »)
The Minimalist
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Did my silence provide you pure deafness? Did it lead you to hear not the real thing? All you ever thought this is pure nothingness But I am really showing everything   Don’t ever think that I’m lacking passion Just because I have a... (more »)
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A brother, however annoying he may seem Shall always love you more than you could dream. With mischievous eyes and a prank at hand Will make you want to kick him out of Netherland. But when his help is what you need He’ll give you the... (more »)
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About You.
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Why do I cast my look at you the same way?                Why do I yet account I am the same?                I am not; I tossed my-old-self away I am not enduring I don’t prefer pain Where else can I go?... (more »)
Why did death knock upon your door?
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Why did death knock upon your door? Two lives so young and one so pure. BOth were tragically taken from my heart. Did you want to die? The first to leave the world was you. You were free from pain. But left us unexplained. Why did death... (more »)
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After You Were Gone
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How often I dwell on our memories in my locked heart, and away I've thrown the key Your radiant gaze whispered stories of ambition, passion, all else not known to me. The corners of your cherry lips curled up high like the illuminating... (more »)
What Was
By , Buckeye, AZ
For you will always be my end, my death You will always be the one that I hate Because you kill me slowly just like meth Ill always be the one that you will rate At the end I knew my heart you would take Thought that you could be the... (more »)
Your Beauty is That of a Winter's Day
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Your beauty is that of a winter's day Your eyes are ice blue Though Mother Nature plunges into decay Thy beauty shall always be true Your complexion her frozen tears that fall This blankets her children deep Then we hear her children's... (more »)
A Eulogy to the Optimism of Youth
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It was pouring rain at the funeral Seattle’s send off: a farewell of tears I stood to eulogize the burial Optimism of youth lost over years “Once, it was rosy innocent,” I droned “Now withered dry at life’s merciless hand.” A... (more »)
Through Blurred Eyes
No one can see through these blurred eyes of mine Through my eyes the world is much different  Things that had shape become color and shine But much more than appearance is shifted I can see the worlds evil with clear eyes With... (more »)
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