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Most Recent Sonnets

Here are the most recent sonnets:

Dance Floor
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I glanced across the dance floor, you were the one that caught my eye. As I glide toward the handsome guy before me, you’re not the one I thought you were. You do not dance, and simply stand waiting. I noticed you but it’s like I’m... (more »)
The Day Will Come This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
Day dreamin’ of the life we be livin’ As he decides of what he is givin’ We all know what he gonna be chosen At the end of the day he be losen Work hard, play hard is the phrase he follows When he stands up on... (more »)
Cloudy Vapor
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Why do clouds appear to be so fluffy When in truth they are blurry brisk beings? While they pretend to be really comfy, They are imposters, their support fleeting. Don’t judge a cloud by its cover, I say; They look like little cushiony... (more »)
The Questioning Machine
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The stomping noise that comes into my ear like there's no other sound that's worth to hear. I try to sleep but through the headphones feel the working sounds that break into the steel. I just lay down to get it over with. In forty minutes... (more »)
A Revolver... This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Compares itself to burdens of her lip with dirty bullets shooting out of range. They puncture hearts and wreck all souls with change of soon to be a past relationship. Revolver spirits fit more like her soul As she, untouched, can cause a... (more »)
The Greed Apocalypse
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Humanity’s death may come in a way If people don’t renew and stay the same We have become the apocalypse prey Almost impossible to fully tame   Power, is humanity’s real goal Nothing, can stop some from achieving it Though this... (more »)
Spring has Sprung
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Spring had brought me more than fallen petals A gift greater than a flower's sweet scent My heart, once aching, as stung by nettles Now relieved by the feeling spring has lent   Spring's warmthis not the one reason behind The lovely... (more »)
Thinking of You
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We met back in freshman year, you always  talked to your friends. We would meet eye to eye sometimes. Even out in crowded hallways. Have you held your stare? Did you even try? A year later, I caught you looking at me. Your eyes... (more »)
Growing Apart
By , Congers, NY
At the start, I knew we would be best friends  talking all day, and laughing ‘til the night  Who knew we would see ourselves to the end We were always happy and sunny bright  But as the years flew by, quick as a fly I knew the end was... (more »)
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Winter Dawn
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The bitter cold and chilling breeze that sways, Remains of leaves that hang from meager threads, The nights are now much longer than the days, Upon the soggy, frozen ground I tread. The air is sharp and heavy as can be, It slits the throats... (more »)
A Hideaway
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A quiet place that is a hideaway, A sanctuary, it remains aloof, Where people old and young and new can stay. This place is great, for this you need no proof. A lukewarm breeze, it makes its way towards you, Some clouds like wisps that run... (more »)
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Walking under a canopy of leaves, With one thing on my mind. Hoping that I never have to leave, 'Cause when I'm here I'm fine. I'll make my way to the end of my journey, Where the water and land meets. When the sky is clear and lovely,... (more »)
3 a.m. This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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If the cry of midnight is but A shadow in your rearview mirror, slowly Tiptoeing across a distant horizon Folding itself between the stars If hazy figures fill your mind, if they Dance on the windshield of your thoughts Waltzing to tunes... (more »)
Love Letter #17
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He whispered into his paper, that if Eyes were the windows to the soul then Light danced off her gaily colored panes and Illuminated the shadows of her countenance. That the most dulcet of roses Gossamer petals dripping with beauty Would... (more »)
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Oh, see ashes, ashes we all fall down, Those saddened tears dripping from toe to crown, A heart of magnificent dreams we seek, The danger of giving up, makes us weak. So we slowly ring around the rosie, With our pockets full of deadly... (more »)
Falling Into The World
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Using secret keys To unlock the doors No one else can see Leading to a world That spins a little differently   Like Alice in the looking glass Feeling lost, a little dazed When did the moon shine like brass? Where is the time ticking... (more »)
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