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Here are the most recent sonnets:

Sonnet This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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The rhythmic dance of your flames grew And from that moment I knew Your beauty was something unknown, undiscovered A beautiful timeless painting uncovered And me? I stare in awe In disbelief of such beauty I saw The silhouette of... (more »)
The Heart's Wretched Plea
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They tell me I’m not really sick; My wrists are free of cuts. That I don’t eat pills for breakfast, My wounds aren’t deep enough. They say that if I truly hurt, Then I would know as well, That depression is a giant void Where pain... (more »)
I Miss You
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I miss you With hot tears in eyes With hands up for prayers Throughout the day from sunrise It’s more than a year Since we lastly met Remembrance of that fortunate time Makes my eyes so wet In my brain, my heart, my words My thoughts... (more »)
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I really love to wake up next to you. I go into the kitchen to make food, I’m brewing coffee, making breakfast too. I’m trying not to talk about our feud, And you don’t bring it up because you care. A good-bye kiss before you go to... (more »)
Monsters Cry Tears
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Tonight there’s no rest in this lonely bed From sorrow of keeping not one soulmate Dealing with the hate, again and again To lie to myself that love’s in my fate That time will tell when I’ll save my true love Like a knight who’s... (more »)
Stopping The Time
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Sometimes I want to stop the time In a book like turning pages To start the day from nine Then living there for ages (more »)
Morning Songs
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The golden honey grass sways back and forth, The sun dissolves the silky velvet dew. A gentle breeze develops from the North, The birds begin to chirp, the day's anew.   The crunch of little feet on fallen leaves, A child chases a... (more »)
Sonnet 3 - Enamored
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I declare my love for you, In the only way I know. Through words of passion, To tell of your warm glow. A glow that’s blinding, But so compelling I cannot look away.   It’s as if time has frozen, And the rest of the world has... (more »)
Yosa Buson
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A summer river being crossed how pleasing with sandals in my hands! (more »)
Thoughts At Midnight
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Believe in a love that is like light shiny and new and beautiful Believe in a love for which you will fight don't give up so easily Believe that there is only black and white no in-between Believe that the pale glow of moonlight... (more »)
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"Goodbye," he said, letting go callouses and rough fingertips The floor was so far away He grew wings and flew across the room Ink on his hands faded like  a soul embodied in sadness A note folded on the pillow They covered him... (more »)
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How do I love you? Let me count the ways. I love the harmony you generate Oh I will love that for all of my days You give me euphoria, a rare state. Ukulele, you callus my fingers  Though it is something I do not regret And the price I... (more »)
Free Of Sleep
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The wind has never felt so heavy My knees, never so weak... It hurts to know you'll never get me You need to get out of my dreams  (more »)
Black Bird Soar High
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Twas only when I called upon the moon, I heard a dreaming bird silentious cries; If not for the lovely late afternoon, I would not know the color of her eyes, In my world I know of nothing but pain, like this dreaming bird my cries are... (more »)
Sappy Sonnet
By , Midvale, UT
While yet my love is unaware just how, How much he means, how much he's helped me through, He still persists in loving me, and now, I'd like to say the things I've been scared to. I'm not eloquent, where he spins a thread Of smoothness and... (more »)
Count Again
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I close my eyes and count to three again, open them and see the same world as last. With people telling us we're full of sin, out lives can never move on from our past. Will there ever come a day where we're free from the hate of those... (more »)
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