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Most Recent Sonnets

Here are the most recent sonnets:

Heart to Shatter
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Brushstrokes of murky color roll across An outline of a dancer on canvas Dark colors take over; bright ones are lost A silhouette of feathers and sadness. An empty tube of black paint relaxes, Beside a clay jar of murky water. On the... (more »)
Pathway Down My Heart
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Heavy steel gate shut firmly without seams Scarred dents and slashes, warped tangled wire Opaque wall filtering out light shining through Rusted lock with the key thrown in my own fire. Undying fog mixed with smoke residue Of the desire... (more »)
Hidden Darkness
By , Grand Rapids, MI
  This sunny earth is never as it seems Smiling men harbor hatred in their hearts Gentle peace spilling blood in flowing streams When darkness prospers, all goodness departs Pure light is alien but dark our friend Our... (more »)
Ghost of the Past
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I take one look at my reflection, and all I see is a ghost, With a pale, white complexion where a sad face’s engrossed. In-between life and death this apparition reaches out. With an anxious and quick breath, I take its hand without a... (more »)
Fall vibes
By , Westminster, CO
Tic tock, tic tock goes the clock Soft voices talk The kettle whistles a sweet toon Rain dances on the window shown by the glistening moon Smell of pumpkin tickles the nose Comfy sweaters and boots as clothes Vibe of love from everyone... (more »)
Fall is coming
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One day I saw the leaves fall off the trees. The leaves were very bright and colorful, They covered the ground with there full color. Then the wind came and blew all of the leaves Next time we went outside we had to clean So we picked out... (more »)
To the Moon and Back
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I love to the moon and back. To infinity and beyond. Even though our is love frowned upon, When our problems pile and stack. We’ll always have an unbreakable bond, Never has it ever dawned On me. I love you to the moon and back. Past... (more »)
Die, die.
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I Die, die frozen in ice I pull my intestines out covered in red slime.   II die, die- you don’t want to live no more, discount your soul; fling yourself onto your colossal floor-board, a peculiar shade of blue, that... (more »)
The Grand School This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Arrived in hidden satire: lost in thought sauntered the sibylline corridors with dots- of mud and grass, to which I passed the floors traced by students amassed in a package crew. Indulged in flavour, I succumbed to the view of my... (more »)
Reality This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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As focus blurred from monotonous class Potted magnolia makes its last stand Damaged and bent, it sprawls in sand Staring out from the confining glass Fuschia flowers flourished in grass Unblocked and free, worriless of strand A... (more »)
Love Will Die
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The lies eventually will stop And slowly but surely the light will fade When everything is what it's not Dieing cold and lonely in the shade See darkness fills the void But leaving is part of their story It still was never their choice... (more »)
Sleep is for the Weak
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For all the days that I feel pain, So every day I stay awake, Are days where my happiness is slain, And sleep’s the only saving grace. They tell us that we must be strong, And change lives for the better, greater. Except, no-one lives... (more »)
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Eu te amo meu amor
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Larissa, você é tudo pra mim Quero ser tudo pra vc Quero te fazer feliz Realizar seus sonhos Amo o seu sorriso O jeito que sorri pra mim Amo seu olhar O jeito que vc olha pra mim Amo sua boca O jeito como você me beija Você é a... (more »)
Creative Flow
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She ask me to write a poem And think in a creative way Like a poet would Or like Dr.Suess Press your Pen against your paper And ride with your creative river Or walk beside it to watch it flow And feel the flow from your mind to your... (more »)
The Colors
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The sky is where it all began, with red, And blue, and purple mixed with green. The yellow sun had set where we had fled. Now leaving behind a pitch black scene, Too dark for us to see the path that leads To where we wanted to be. Our... (more »)
Heroes of Shadow
By , South Plainfield, NJ
The darkened hearts of heroes fallen They scream and shout to no avail Just now regretting what they’ve gotten They know their light is gone without a trail Some went over for greed or lust A few were sent from grief and loss And many... (more »)
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