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Anonymity's Name

April 13, 2018
By Gregory~ BRONZE, Norfolk, Nebraska
Gregory~ BRONZE, Norfolk, Nebraska
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The more I’ve come to think about just you,
I am indecisive as you can see.
You’ve made most days happy, but yet so blue.
Your touch is hollow and something eerie;
you’ve made me a keeper to memories.
It ignites my heart with such a shy flame,
you’re so common yet such a rarity.
You cause trouble and never take the blame;
we call you Human Nature, it’s your name.
You are the blade we sharpen most often.
You’ve torn me apart ever since you came.
When you breeze in even Quiet hearkens…

I can die without you, but not with you.

I can live with you, but not without you.

The author's comments:

We all experience it and yet it is rarely spoken of. Human nature is how the mind operates and it is fascinating because it comes in so many different forms. I'm only 17 and I'm still trying to figure out the different ways it connects us all.

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