Scary Movies

April 13, 2018
By , San Diego, CA

Scary movies make our lives more fun
Creating suspense the whole length of the show
You’re on the edge of your seat ‘til the film’s done
But when it ends, the jitters still continue to grow

Horror films always have a monster or beast
They may be vampires, ghosts, or ghouls
They always kill people, making them deceased
So the audience yells at the survivors, “Run, fools!”

A famous horror movie is named “The Sixth Sense”
It’s about a young boy who can see the dead
Some scenes send a chill down your spine, making you tense
No wonder the film’s famous; it gives people dread!

They may give you nightmares, making you want to scream
But don’t worry, because none of it’s real; it was all a dream!

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