Diary of a broken heart

April 12, 2018
By Jenn05 BRONZE, Carpentersville, Illinois
Jenn05 BRONZE, Carpentersville, Illinois
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I knew I loved you when your smile made my heart melt.
  Every time your soft lips touched mine I felt butterflies inside.
This is something I had never felt with anyone else.
It was as if when I was with you, you stopped time.

Your angelic voice was my favorite sound.
When I looked into your expressive brown eyes I would see little rays of gold sunshine.
I wanted the whole world to know how happy I was to have you around.
I felt so lucky to call you mine.

You made life worth living.
On the days I felt worthless you held me in your arms and told me you loved me.
When you left I felt like a part of me was missing.
I didn’t understand because you made me so  happy.

From one day to another you decided you no longer wanted me in your life.
Now I walk around with nothing but the pain you have left me with inside.

The author's comments:

I took everything I felt after my break up and put it into a sonnet. This helped me let go of all the feelings I had bubbled up inside , and I hope others can relate to the emotions I had. 

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