The Oppressors Victims

April 19, 2018
By DickinsonPoet SILVER, Mountain View, California
DickinsonPoet SILVER, Mountain View, California
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Not to be taken within the blind heart
The desolate sheet of truth not believed
Crisped in the air of false divinity
The sultan block of salted wounds despair

To seek not the sentiments perchance sought
To witness the greater path uncovered
To unveil hardened truth not thought
To wish for the flicker of doubt genteel

Cold granite demise of thickening grace
Grasp upon the pristine paupers mind
Settle into facts of cynics unwise
Lay purpose of reason to its last cry

Stifle not yet breath of last repose
Dwindle not the heart's beat upon the chest

The author's comments:

Rise up against your foes, defeat your inner turmoil, do not succumb to opposition.

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