March 22, 2018
By IanOConnor BRONZE, Forest Park, Illinois
IanOConnor BRONZE, Forest Park, Illinois
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How dare you say that, “Frick frack patty wack”
Pronounce the Monarch contemptuously
“Sorry Monarch, but you need a tic-tac”
The Sentence was decided mentally

The page was condemned to execution
For the disrespect of the worshipped queen
The boy was scared, but had a solution
He was going to escape and not be seen

The boy was caught escaping and was killed
The slaying guard was promoted to knight
The page’s family was shamed and billed
When the boy died he was sent to the light

He was pulled down and was stuck in limbo
The ghost cussed the Queen, called her a bimbo

The author's comments:

a sonnet in iambic pentameter!

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