February 24, 2018
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Favorite Quote:
Can you remember who you were before the world telling you whom you should be?

(For her/my family and friends)

A breeze arisesfrom the secret depths of  the ocean
Touching lands across the globe without complaints,
It Spreads happiness like a ripple
And one day,it goes back where it belongs,leaving behind  memories of ultimate happiness,
To the depths of humanity to cherish for life

Likewise an angel from heaven came to us;
An amalgam of love and chatter
Whose  paragon of love  spread like a ripple

She had her duties,which she completed with purity
Its just, that it is still a mystery for us
For her acquaintances she was gentle
But for us , she was a living force With a constant gravity that pulled everyone closer to her

Describing her is not easy
As words haven't been invented to reach that part of our hearts
But like a queen she reached there with no pressure
And without even us knowing!

Beautiful and serene
Always a living angel
Gifted with a unique force
A force that held everyone together  and forever

Mischievousness was evident in her smile
A chatterbox which needed no competitor
But her unending doubts needed more clarity everytime
The memories of which still hold us together

The appalling memories of her demise
Will fade away like a breeze
But the memories of her constant smile(chatter)
and the benevolence we showered upon her  will endure

The soothing puff of air that you feel now is her
The feeling to love yourself and everyone around like she did  is embraced by her affectionate soul
The innocent smile you see in a child will take you through the journey with her once again..
Her words has found  perpetuity
Her love has found eternity
Herself has been promoted!
Her glowing face gets clearer each day with the time we spent apart,
Intensifying our closeness to heaven


Every time I think of her twinkling brown eyes which torments me for my loss,I am relieved  with the earthly memories she left behind
Never can I or you be satisfied with the small time we cherished with her
But the thought that my angel has gone to set the heaven for me and that she is waiting in the garden of LORD, relieves me from the  painful memory of her loss

Her small paratheses of eternity on this world has been completed and she has  gone to lead us to eternity
Her new palace is flowing with Lord's love,chords of the angels,a garden million times bigger than the one  in which we grew up,completed with our wordly pals and other Angels.


Her short stay on earth and the impact she still dwells upon  us
With her eternal love and cherishful memories
Has something to speak
A message from the lord;its just that we cannot interpret it
Well Lord's words are out of human capacity;but her love will show it to us One Day
That Day we all are waiting to see her,to feel her and  to be with her and the Lord himself


Like in grandma's stories of heaven,where they say the ones who left before us will show around lord's mansion and his throne
I am waiting for tabi,in a pink cape dress(?)
To take me through the journey


She is in her father's arms,safe and happy
She needs all of us  for another barbeque party!
Heaven will have no hide and seek which she lived for here
But I am sure  she would have found something better to keep us entertained

A vision comes to me

With a circle of angels in constant tittle-tattle 

And tabi(my sister)like she did in all our sisterly chats

holds them together with her chatter and doubts????
She is a unique one Gabriel!

Like a breeze she  touched us
Like a queen she ruled our hearts in her reign and forever
The paragon of affection  she portrayed will endure like a shadow in our mortal journey
And Once eternity begins,we will live happily ever after?

The author's comments:

This poem is about my first cousin(more like a sister) whose sudden demise has created a huge void in life.But with the thought that eternity will take the whole family to her,I am writing this poem.I want all her friends and family to read this and feel better and wait for that day.

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on Mar. 10 2018 at 10:47 am
tracyplayswithwords SILVER, -, Other
5 articles 0 photos 1 comment

Favorite Quote:
Can you remember who you were before the world telling you whom you should be?

Thanks a lot girl@Merlin

Merlin said...
on Mar. 4 2018 at 5:58 am
Tabitha would be so proud, Tracy! Keep writing, keep shining.

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