I Nearly Wasn't A Poet

February 8, 2018
By AmeliaJade BRONZE, Tyldesley, Greater Manchester, Other
AmeliaJade BRONZE, Tyldesley, Greater Manchester, Other
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I nearly wasn't a poet, but a dancer on stage
But instead I arabesque with words
I hated perfected ballet
Though dance unites the world

My sister wants to tour the nations
With the audience in her grasp
But you ask me for acted relations
And I'll say, "Thanks, but I'll pass."

I never was one for pretence
Or for lights that blind my eyes
I guess to me it makes no sense
But to her it is being alive

I almost was not a poet, I almost danced
If you asked me now, I would not have a chance.

The author's comments:

My sister is a professional dancer and it drives me crazy. I was a dancer (I was actually the one who inspired her) but my attention span just didn't last long enough for me to learn any dances. I now have a seething hatred towards dance (trust me, you would too if you had to deal with multiple girls and a few guys all doing pirouettes in front of your television.) I am proud of my sister, mind, and I hope that comes through in the poem.

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