Gypsy Lady

February 15, 2018
By Remy01 BRONZE, Parker, Colorado
Remy01 BRONZE, Parker, Colorado
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Her waves traveled from a faraway land,
Teased and grabbed at the shore’s sand-coated feet,
In the bubbling foam, earth and water meet,
Laughing through her mist, joy was her command.

Beautiful was her slow movements, so planned,
That edged onto earth; innocent and sweet,
Whispering against the beach, a white sheet,
Her voice a calm contrast to the mainland.

Clouds of gray overtook the serene sky,
As if in revenge for a lover's death,
She rose and fell; unyielding and cruel.
Her body now gray as blue was a lie ,
Wistfulness gone, waves crashed with irate breath,
To toy with such anger, one is a fool!

The author's comments:

I went to to Gulf Shores, Alabama last summer. While I was standing in the sand, I saw just how unpredictable the ocean was. One minute, th water was calm and queit and the next, it was not. We are growing up in a world where people and our lives change so quickly. It is unpredictable and uncertin, but leanring to accept these new changes and grow from what we learn makes it all worth it.

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