Little Baby Child

February 5, 2018
By jess.lunt BRONZE, Cedar City, Utah
jess.lunt BRONZE, Cedar City, Utah
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Little baby child,

Taken from life so dear,

I would have loved to see you smile,

Watch you grow from year to year.


Your tiny little fingers,

And your tiny little feet,

Oh, how I would have loved them,

Yet we will never meet.


The innocence in your eyes,

The wonder of your mind;

The woman who could have birthed you,

She left these all behind.


Instead, she chose to end your life;

To her the choice seemed mild.

But it has left

A baby without a mama,

A mother without a child.

The author's comments:

This piece is from the perspective of a woman who wants to have children, but is infertile. She now wants to adopt a baby instead. This is her perspective on abortion.

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