Scars and Bruises

January 31, 2018
By skygivesmelight BRONZE, Prospect, Kentucky
skygivesmelight BRONZE, Prospect, Kentucky
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Love is definitely not for me
That’s the only thing upon which we can both agree
I prayed everyday to god I didn’t embrace
Just for the slightest chance of seeing your face

That was the breaking, now for the healing
I drank from the purest of streams in the field
Burned myself until I was cleaned of feeling
The passion you planted in me, a sword to yield

Picking petals from the flowers you gave me
I have forgiven you for hurting me
Faded are the scars and bruises on my skin
I hope you never stop feeling the guilt of sin

And although I seem to have moved on
These sorrows are all yet to be gone

The author's comments:

This is about an abusive relationship written from the victim's point of view.

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